With Instagram filters so popular, smoothing the faces of everyone on our feeds, we love when a celeb gets real about their skin. Because even the most gorgeous of stars still have fine lines, noticeable pores and a breakout here and there. One of our favorite new actresses, The Undoing‘s Matilda De Angelis recently shared a photo of her acne and we couldn’t love her more for it.

The 25-year-old Italian actress, who played Elena Alves on the HBO show, shared her fears of doing her job while dealing with acne. “There are things that cannot be controlled and this year taught us well,” she wrote both in Italian and English. “There are changes that we must accept in our life and with them, the perception of ourselves and the world around us.”

She goes on to explain how all her “fears and insecurities” are shown right on her skin. “There are much bigger problems in life, I am aware of that, but I wanted to share this little truth perhaps to feel stronger, perhaps to accept myself better,” she says. “Our fears can paralyze us or they can become a great force, it is up to us to choose the path.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

De Angelis finishes by giving us some advice that we can take with us through any tough time. “And to practice so much gratitude for all the good things that happen to us and maybe even for the bad ones,” she adds.

She’s not the only one getting honest about skin concerns. Recently, Hailey Bieber spoke out about her perioral dermatitis and Keke Palmer shared her acne concerns as well as her PCOS diagnosis. The more seemingly “perfect” celebrities show us what’s behind the filters, the more we can smash all those beauty standards for good.

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