Tracy Tutor’s Black Givenchy Bag at The Castle House

Million Dollar Listing LA Season 12 Episode 4 Fashioin

Tracy Tutor’s black Givenchy bag may not have been nice enough in her client Scott’s eyes to put on his table, but it is definitely nice enough for us to want to put on our wish lists. I have to be honest the whole bag thing was a little weird. I mean that’s an expensive enough bag to at least deserve a spot on a chair or something? All I can say is Scott and I would not see eye to eye. Maybe that’s because I’d have to take my heels off and lose about 5 inches, but probably because I’m not nearly as anal as he is. I mean he’d probably make me leave my $30 bag outside on the curb. Either way this amazing Givenchy bag deserves a spot on the floor carpet in our closets.


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Tracy Tutor's Black Givenchy Bag

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