Tracy Tutor’s Green High Low Skirt

Million Dollar Listing LA Season 12 Episode 1 Fashion

Tracy Tutor was a lean green selling machine in her green high low skirt on last night’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Just like Tracy, the skirt means business but is all about the pleasure. What I mean is the skirt has shorts which means you can move about freely and take care of your business without showing anything but houses if you know what I mean. Then the skirt offers a bit of pleasure meaning it’s still free, but flowing with such elegance.

As for Tracy she was all about business, but still made it fun when she chose to conduct it at the gallery in the park. I like her style of clothing as well as her style of selling. She has a way of convincing you that you need something without you even knowing it. I definitely want to follow in her footsteps, but in my case it’s not million dollar homes I’m hawking it’s cute high low skirts.


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Tracy Tutor's Green High Low Skirt

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