bra styles for older women

Aging is definitely a process. A process that we can try to gracefully slow down by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. But no matter how much we try, certain body parts are simply prone to weaken over time. Our breasts fall in this category. Yup, our girls are going south, and they’re not coming back.

Our skin loses collagen and elasticity through the years, and the ligaments that support the breasts weaken. Additionally, breastfeeding and wearing the wrong (or no) bra can also have an impact on our breast health. All of this leaves us with a sagging version of what our breasts used to be.

Have you felt that your usual bras don’t fit as well as before? Have you noticed bulges on your sides and even on your back? Are your breasts making a disappearing act under your armpits? Maybe you’re having difficulty putting your bra on and taking it off?

You’re not alone.

Unless you’ve had implants or reconstructive surgery, you’ll need to look into purchasing a bra that is comfortable and that will provide adequate support for your heading-south bust. No worries, there is a variety of bras for older women to choose from.

I’ll admit I have a thing for bras and probably own way too many for just one woman. I have the cute French lace bras, the cozy everyday t-shirt bras, the bralettes, the sexy push-up bras, and the supportive sports bras.

I was a lingerie designer for over 20 years so that probably explains my love of all things underwear. One thing that I have noticed recently is that my bras don’t fit as well as they used to.

So, it seems that a changing body means it’s time to change our bras.

Why Wear a Bra

Our culture has grown to expect women to start wearing bras as soon as they start showing signs of breast growth, usually at the onset of puberty.

Trends have come and gone through the years, from the iconic conal bras of the 40s to the burning of the bras movement of the 70s, right up to the extremely padded push-up bras of recent years.

But why do we wear bras? Apart from the cultural acceptance of bras, women (especially those with larger breasts) feel better when the breasts are supported under their clothing as they go about their daily active lives.

Well-fitted bras will provide a smooth and appealing shape and also provide support to help preserve the breasts from drooping in mature age.

What to Look for in a Bra for Older Women

You shouldn’t forgo wearing a bra because you are getting older. You simply need to find one that fits you well and that is comfortable to wear.


Quality bras are made of durable fabrics and solid components (sliders, closures, etc.). Look for carefully designed and well-constructed bras. Typically, quality bras cost more than the fast-fashion bras.


We spend a lot of time in our bras, so comfort is essential. It’s important to try on a bra before purchasing it to make sure that you feel good in it.

Quality bras will be comfortable and not have any components that scratch or irritate your skin. Wider straps usually are more comfortable than the thinner ones.


The main reason to wear a bra is to provide support for your breasts. Depending on the size of your breasts, the bra will need to meet certain requirements. You may not need supportive underwires if you have smaller breasts.


Trends come and go. This is also true in the bra industry. You may be tempted to go for the lacey cute demi-cup, but make sure that it is the right fit for you. If you want ultimate comfort and no bulges, look for bras that cover more of your chest and that offer wide side pieces.

What Are Your Needs

Whenever you purchase a new bra, consider your specific needs.

Physical Conditions

Those with arthritis and other health issues that hinder regular movements will appreciate bras with front closures and velcro fastenings. These bras make it easier to put on and take off.


Lifestyle is important when choosing a good bra. Do you do a lot of sports? Look for bras with lots of support and coverage.


Bras vary greatly in price. Typically, the best quality bras are more expensive but tend to last longer and can put up with lots of wear and tear. If you’re on a limited budget, check for sales and promotions.

How to Get the Perfect Bra Fit

Chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size as you’re reading this. Studies have shown that up to eight women out of ten are not fitted properly. This can happen because you simply got used to purchasing a certain size and stuck to it.

An ill-fitted bra doesn’t only look bad, it can also cause health issues like back and shoulder pain.

The body undergoes continuous transformation, and your bra size can change as well throughout your life. In order to determine the right shape and size for you, you can look for helpful videos online, such as these ones from Her Room, or get fitted by a bra specialist in specialty lingerie stores.

10 Best Bras for Older Women

Let’s take a look at the 10 best bras (and brands) for older women on the market today.

Playtex 18 Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra with Flex Back

Playtex 18 Hour Front-Close Wirefree Bra with Flex Back

Playtex’s best-selling 18-hour front closure bra assures all-day comfort and support. The wire-free frame and large side and back panels make it the perfect bra for any figure but especially if you are heavier.

Just My Size Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra

Just My Size Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra

Another classic, full-coverage bra perfect for older women is the Just My Size wire-free version. The 3-seamed cups help shape your body perfectly and provide ultimate support. Did you know that more seams indicate better support? Now you do!

The Meryl – Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra from Leading Lady

The Meryl - Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra from Leading Lady

This full-coverage front-closure breathable cotton bra is the perfect everyday comfortable bra to wear even at night while you sleep. The Meryl comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Pick your favorite!

CATE Side Support Bra from Elomi

CATE Side Support Bra from Elomi

The Cate full-cup bra is perfect if you still want a little sheerness without giving up support or comfort. The side panels and underwires offer ultimate support. It comes in various colors – hot pink, teal, and royal blue to name a few.

Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra from Chantelle

Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra from Chantelle

If you want lacey, supportive, and comfy all rolled into one, try a Chantelle bra. The best-selling Rive Gauche full-coverage bra offers support and a touch of femininity with its exquisite lace design.

Fantasie Rebecca Lace Underwire Spacer Full Cup Bra

Fantasie Rebecca Lace Underwire Spacer Full Cup Bra

The Fantaisie Rebecca has molded contour underwire cups that provide an excellent silhouette and a perfectly smooth look under clothing.

Glamorise Magic Lift Front-Close Wirefree Posture Bra

Glamorise Magic Lift Front-Close Wirefree Posture Bra

Another great model from Hanes that is perfect for older women is the Glamorise Magic Lift. It provides easy front closure and wire-free fit for ultimate comfort.

ANITA Momentum Sports Bra

ANITA Momentum Sports Bra

Want a perfect fitting sports bra? The Momentum sports bra is the one that will keep you supported throughout your activities.

Arthritis Bra Front Fastening from Silvert’s

Arthritis Bra Front Fastening from Silvert’s

This easy front fastening bra from Silvert’s is perfect if you have arthritis or joint pain. It’s designed especially for older women who have problems getting into and out of their bras.

Lilyette Comfort Lace Minimizer Bra

Lilyette Comfort Lace Minimizer Bra

Need a minimizer bra? The microfiber Lilyette bra has you covered. It will minimize your breast size without compromising your shape.

Which Bra Will You Choose?

I know, shopping for a bra online may seem a tad challenging. Make sure to check the return policies so that you can easily ship back your purchase if it doesn’t fit properly. Most of these websites offer assistance in finding your perfect fit. Some have questionnaires for you to answer and others have live chats with fit technicians.

Finding your perfect fit is worth the time and effort. I hope that one of these bras for older women on my list meets your expectations.

Do you own one of these bras? Can you tell us what you think about it and why you like it? Do you have another style that is not on my list that you absolutely love and want to share with us? Comment below, and let’s chat bras.