One common problem every woman battles as they age are dry hands and cuticles. We’ve used our hands in a variety of ways for decades and regardless of how carefully we might have taken care of them, age causes our skin to change.

Add weather conditions, dry climates, and heating, or air conditioning to the mix we’ve got a real problem. How can mature women take care of their hands without that heavy, greasy feeling?

Professional makeup artist Ariane Poole generously offers her three best tips on how mature women can have healthy, beautiful hands, even if you use those drying hand sanitizers.

Use a Hand Mask

While most of us think of masks as something for our hair or face, there are a variety of hand masks that are very inexpensive and are loaded with healthy ingredients your hands need. Hand masks are simple gloves that you slip on and wear from 10-60 minutes.

Ariane highly recommends these and even goes so far as to call these “Transformational!” That’s quite a powerful word for a beauty product, so if you haven’t used one before, we bet you will now!

Overnight Products

When you don’t want to wear gloves to bed, you can still get the benefits of overnight conditioning through a variety of products. Ariane recommends Balance Me brand Super Moisturizing Hand Cream. This cream is too thick for regular daytime use, but apply it before bed for an incredible overnight treatment that really works!

For dry cuticles, one brand Ariane talks about is CND SolarOil Cuticle Care. This yummy smelling oil applied to your cuticles at night will prevent them from getting dry and causing those painful hang nails.

Avoid the Sun or Use This

Whenever possible, of course, you should avoid the sun as it causes wrinkles, as well as those aging giveaways known as sunspots or age spots. Women will remember to put sunscreen on their face and wear hats to avoid the sun, but how many of us truly remember to use sunscreen on other parts of our body, such as our hands?

Of course, you can’t avoid the sun always, but you can carry a purse-sized sunscreen product, so you never have to be without. Always use a high-value sunscreen of at least 50 or possibly even 80 to prevent your hands from the worst enemy of beautiful skin – the sun!

The Bottom Line

We avoid the sun, put expensive lotions on our face, use makeup to hide flaws and wrinkles, but our hands give away our age. Ariane and Margaret talk about a variety of other products you can use, especially when traveling, to keep your hands and cuticles looking their best, as well as other valuable advice. This video was a hoot to watch!

What is your regular routine for protecting your hands and cuticles? What are your favorite products for hand care? What products do you use for hiding or fading age spots on your hands? We want to hear your thoughts on this! Let’s have a conversation!