Why does New Year’s Eve evoke such strong feelings in people? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – thanks for the insight, Charles Dickens. The real question is: how do I bulletproof myself either way?

I’m all about turning annoying situations into amazing experiences. New Year’s Eve is at the top of that list. The societal importance attached to this evening makes it annoying, while I want amazing.

Follow my 30-minute formula to set yourself up for happiness, success, and peace on the most overrated night of the year.

Don’t Try (1 Minute)

The adage holds true. The harder you try, the harder you fall. So, don’t try. At our age, what will be, will be. Take it as it comes. Whatever happens, New Year’s Eve does not define you, the year ahead, your relationships, or your life’s significance.

If you are alone, revel in it. At a small party? Talk to everyone. And if you’re somewhere in-between, don’t sweat it. Just breathe in and out each moment and be thankful when your head hits the pillow to go to sleep.

Wear One Amazing Thing (2 Minutes)

Wear one amazing thing at New Year’s Eve. It could be a statement necklace, sexy underwear, outrageous shoes, or your itsy-bitsy polka-dotted bikini. For me, it’s my Heidi Daus necklace with my pajamas. There is only one rule: You must love it. If other people notice, that’s nice. If they don’t, so what?

This is not what-you-should-do kind of advice, nor am I trying to make you wear that expensive pair of pants that never fit right.

This is all about the item you look at lovingly and yet it stays in its wrapper. The item that makes you sigh and say, “Someday.” Today is that day. Your happiness is that special occasion, especially at home in your pajamas. The litmus test? It must make you radiate.

Make Amends (5 minutes)

Amends is another word that elicits a strong response. In 12-step programs it falls at the ominous ninth step which changes everything. The concept behind amends is owning up to your responsibility, right or wrong, and saying you are sorry.

I should note that this does not have to be a direct amends. If you stole something, make an anonymous donation on-line to a charity. You can sign-up to volunteer in honor of someone if they are no longer with us.

Or, you can write a letter and burn it. You can send a text or an email and say: “Sorry for anything I did to hurt you in the past and Happy New Year.” Just let go of a remorse that has stayed with you by setting it right.

Have a Plan for New Year’s Day (2 Minutes)

While it’s always fun to ‘wing it’ and see where the moment takes you, bulletproofing needs a plan. A simple plan works best: get out of the house for a cup of coffee, go to the gym, take a walk, binge watch a Netflix series. Having one item accomplished sets a tone. I said it, I did it.

Choose One Achievable Resolution (3 minutes)

Don’t panic about having a New Year’s resolution – you can steal mine and drink more! I’ve used it for about 10 years now, and it’s like a magic charm. I didn’t specify wine, vodka, or water. And you know what? Either way I can do it. Mischief managed, I set myself up for success.

Pen the State of You (7 Minutes)

Take seven minutes – it’s helpful to use a timer to track yourself – and write down your hopes, dreams, and fears. You’ll be surprised when you start repeating yourself at the four-minute mark.

Do it anyway. Use it as a baseline for the year ahead – to remember where you started and to get rid of the noise in your head.

Tackle One Item on Your to Do List (10 Minutes)

The dreaded to do list we write each year consists of nothing more than the things we need to write down because we hate doing them so much we choose to forget them.

Just do one. The hack is that when you do it, it loses its power and stops zapping your time. Write that thank you note, clean your sock draw, put your bills on auto-pay, just take the action and stop thinking about it.

What’s Next?

This entire list can be done in 30 minutes. Start the new year with a plan, clear mind and promises you have already kept.

Love and joy for the New Year and all year long.

What is the amazing thing you will wear on New Year’s Eve, and will it include pajamas? What is your achievable resolution? How much time did it take you to complete these 7 action items? Please share in the comments below!