There was a time when beauty vloggers were only on YouTube. Then came Instagram and now, TikTok seems to be the place to be if you’re a content creator in beauty. Skincare has come out as one of the most popular categories in beauty on the platform, creating TikTok skincare trends from a new type of beauty vlogger: the skinfluencer. Now, just like fashion or fitness influencers, not all skinfluencers know their stuff. In fact, some spread some iffy information and speak down to the pros. But this just makes the really good skinfluencers stand out from the pack.

One thing that’s so amazing about skinfluencers is how they come in all sizes, skin tones, ages and genders. You don’t have to have perfect skin or a fab life to break down skincare for the masses. These eight TikTokers rely on what they’ve learned from their own routines plus science-backed research. There’s no pseudoscience here. In fact, you’ll learn from them how terrible essential oils and fragrances are for your skin and how celebrities might not have your best interests at heart. (Oops.)

Because it’s TikTok, you’ll laugh right along with them—especially when they get a little shady. (We love it.) Of course, this isn’t an extensive list and there are many more knowledgable skincare vloggers. But if you’re going to start somewhere, open TikTok and hit that follow button. Don’t blame us when you’re up till 2 a.m. still scrolling through Vi’s hilarious product reviews or Hyram’s skincare duets with fans.


J.C. is a Marine Biology student who educates his 2.5 million followers on everything from ocean animals, to how our skin ages to the worst celebrity skincare brands (oops). He loves The Ordinary so if you’re a fan, follow for awesome tips.


Vi is your “SPF mom” who will tell it like it is and not feel bad about it. Her hilarious videos will make you think twice about dropping $100 on sunscreen that probably costs $1 to make. She breaks down ingredients in a way that makes sense and teams up with derms for more expert advice.


This recent NYU grad went from having severe acne to gorgeous skin and he helps his 105k followers get clear skin, too. He answers questions (Is it bad to wash your face in the shower?) and breaks down popular skincare trends that could be harmful to your skin.


We love the way this new skinfluencer tries out celebrity tips, such as Hailey Bieber‘s lip mask, and gives “the real tea” on common skincare myths.


Helen is your “K-beauty BFF” so follow her if you can’t get enough of the stuff. We love the way she shows how affordable Korean products have just as stellar, if not better, ingredients than many luxury ones.


One of the most popular dermatologists on Instagram often teams up with our favorite skinfluencers to answer fan questions. He breaks down why you need SPF in the car and on cloudy days and gives clutch science-backed advice.


For product dupes, Target hauls and aesthetically pleasing videos of close-up skincare texture, Alexa is your girl.


Hyram is one of the most popular skinfluencers out there, with 2.5 million followers and some rabid fans. He’s also huge on YouTube, where he collaborates with celebs (Karlie Kloss!) and breaks down ingredients in popular skincare. We especially love when he duets with other TikTokers and gives positive, but constructive, feedback on their skincare routines.

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