There’s something about the warmer weather that makes a lot of people want to go lighter with their hair, whether it’s adding caramel highlights to dark brown hair or going totally platinum. But when it comes to Lucy Hale’s new golden blonde hair, we have a funny feeling it’s for a role. The actress has gone back and forth between brown and blonde hair for years, mixing in red here and there. Though this is the lightest we’ve seen from her in a long time. And it’s gorgeous.

Hale posted her new color from London, where we assume she’s working. She could be filming her new show, Ragdoll, a six-part thriller following the case of the Ragdoll Killer who killed people and sewed their bodies into the shape of a doll. Ew. (But yes, I will watch.) It’s from the Killing Eve producers so you know it’s going to be good. It’s based on a novel by Daniel Cole.

Hale is playing DC Lake Edmunds, a new recruit to the London Met on the case. Either she needed to be blonde for the role or she’s done filming and wanted to switch it up.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Hale thanked colorist John Clark for the pretty golden blonde hue, as well as Jonny Eagland for that perfect bob. Both are from Nicola Clarke at John Frieda salon in London. Hale’s famous friends are loving the color. “Love the face color cut everything!” wrote hairstylist Scotty Cunha. “Wait oh my gosh LUCY YESSS,” said actress Bailee Madison, who looks like Hale’s little sister when they’re both brunettes. “Whoa! Lucy Monroe,” added actor Shiloh Fernandez.

We’re sure Hale is having a blast with this gorgeous gold color that brightens her makeup-free skin. But she is such a classic brunette, we’re sure she’ll be heading back that way soon.

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