While at home physical distancing and not seeing anyone outside Zoom, you’re probably giving your beauty routine a bit of a rest. Now’s the time to let your skin breathe and your hair texture relax. But if you have a virtual Bumble date or a work meeting, you might want to look put together. Did you know you can curl your hair with stockings? According to this TikTok tutorial, you can get beachy waves without heat, which is much safer on your strands.

Much like the sock tutorial that was going around TikTok, an old pair of tights can create a pretty bend in your hair.—and it’s easier than using all these short socks. Hairstylist Justine Marjan tried the tutorial this week and WOW did it work. To create the waves, she clipped the stockings to the top of her head and split her damp hair into two sections. She used each leg of the tights to create a french braid on both sides. (You can try a normal 3-strand braid if you’re not sure how to french braid.)

“Every time you add hair from the sides to the braid, make sure you don’t add any hair to the section that has the stocking,” notes Marjan. Go to sleep and wake up and undo the braids. “Loosely unravel so you don’t create any frizz,” says Marjan. She then raked her hands through her hair to break up the waves and give strands a little volume.

Other fans tried the stockings trick and it worked just as well for them. This is the perfect time to try something new because you might have some extra time to get it right. If you don’t have a pair of tights, you can try tying two socks together or using the belt of a bathrobe.