Amanda Batula’s Black Patent Leather Leggings on Instastories

Summer House Instagram Fashion 2021

If Amanda Batula’s black patent leather leggings that we saw her wearing for a fun night out in on Instastories recently look familiar to you, that may be because we’ve previously reported on them being worn by Erika Jayne Girardi, Leah McSweeney, Lisa Rinna, and Kelly Dodd. So while Ms. Batula has yet to officially walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Cooke, I think it’s safe to say that she’s definitely a perfect real housewife in training.





Expert Tip (from BBH’s Lauren who also owns these leggings): to reduce them from making a squeaking noise while you walk just rub a little baby or olive oil on the inner upper thigh area!


Also Seen on Erika Jayne, Leah McSweeney, Lisa Rinna and Kelly Dodd:

Erika Jayne Girardi's Patent Leggings

Leah McSweeney’s Patent Leather Leggings

Lisa Rinna’s Patent Leather Leggings

Kelly Dodd's Patent Leather Leggings

Amanda Batula’s Black Patent Leather Leggings

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Photo #2: @LeahMob

Photo #3: @LisaRinna

Photo #5 & Info: @AmandaBatula

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