Craft Materials Clutter Free

Are you a knitter, quilter, or have some other crafting hobby that takes up substantial space in your home? Here’s what to do to keep your craft supplies under control so you can enjoy your hobby more.

Clear Out the Old to Make Room for the New

Items that are stockpiled and never used stagnate the energy of your home. This in turn stagnates the energy of your life. Old items become clutter that needs to be cleared in the same way that any other type of over-accumulation do.

Begin by discarding equipment that is broken or you don’t like using. Toss supplies that have expired, like pens that don’t work and glue tubes that have dried up.

Then sort through and let go of any materials you don’t like. This can be things that you’ve had for a long time, or items that you have too much of. Yes, they could all come in useful someday, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them forever.

If you’ve accumulated serious quantities of craft materials, you can start by reading my article Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

Designate a Finite Amount of Storage Space

The big question for many crafters is: When is enough really enough? The only way to keep craft materials under control is to allocate a finite amount of storage space. If a new item comes in, make a firm rule for yourself that something old goes out. It’s the only way to make sure the quantity of craft clutter does not endlessly increase.

Invest in Furniture or Storage Containers

“Designated storage space” does not mean piles of plastic bags stuffed full of things. This clogs up the energy of a room and becomes an eyesore. This happens easily in the homes of avid crafters. A solution is to invest in some kind of furniture or storage containers. This way you can organize equipment according to usage and materials according to type.

If you are passionate enough about your chosen hobby, you will be not only willing to do this but you’ll absolutely love the creative freedom it brings.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

One of the most frustrating things for a crafter is knowing they have something that’s a perfect fit for the project they are working on, but cannot find it. Give each piece of equipment and each type of material its own home. Get into the habit of putting it back where it belongs so that you won’t need to break your creative flow to hunt for it.

Let Go of Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects create clutter of the physical kind. They also clutter your psyche, nagging away at the back of your mind until they are done. Give yourself a break. Your hobby is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Let go of the creations you’ve lost interest in completing and you’ll have more energy to put into projects that you really want to do.

Finish One Project Before Starting the Next

Saying yes to too many projects can clutter your work table and your mind. It can also feel emotionally overwhelming. Bring yourself up-to-date and then adopt the new habit of one new creation at a time. Keep a book where you jot down new ideas but wait until you’ve finished the current project before starting the next.

Don’t Let Your Hobby Be a Substitute for Life

It’s wonderful to be creative, but don’t let it become a substitute for life or a way of avoiding intimacy with others. You may love the [fill in the item] that it has taken you so long to make, but it can’t love you back. You may enjoy creating gifts for other people, but in the end it’s your love they value the most, not what you make for them. Love what you do, but love people more.

Are you a crafter? Has your hobby got out of control and created clutter in your home? What solutions have worked for you? Please join the conversation.