Leah McSweeney’s Monogrammed Candle

Watch What Happens Live Season 17 Episode 98 Decor

Our favorite New Yorkers love to have their initials on anything and everything. But Leah McSweeney’s gold ‘L’ monogrammed candle is understated compared to some other personalized items we’ve seen on RHONY. It can get pretty extravagant and fancy. However this candle is much more her and my style.

Leah’s back drop on her home edition of Watch What Happens Live is everything. First of all, I love a good built-in. Second of all, I’m obsessed with her ‘Let’s fall apart together’ print by NY artist Baron Von Fancy. And really, all of her seemingly carefully placed accessories and decor pieces.

Her personalized candle is fairly popular even outside Housewives circles. It’s on massive sale right now because really, its more of a winter scent. With notes of spice, clove, amber, and fruits like apple and raspberry, it’s perfect for a night by the fire. Which is the actual name of the scent—Night by the Fire. The glass votive is reusable for a long lasting personalized touch. Also, it’s great time to stock up on holiday gifts at a low price point!


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Leah McSweeny's Monogrammed Candle On Bookshelf 


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