In this post you are going to get the total treat of hearing from one of my longtime favorite bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs—the list goes on—one of the OG’s, creator of The Skinny Confidential Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. And since I’d put money on the fact most of you are fans of hers like I am, you know how exciting it is to have her on BBH.


I don’t follow a ton of non-Bravolebs on social as I’m so busy trying to keep up on the Bravo world, but @theskinnyconfidential is an account I always make time for. And one major reason is that, while I first followed Lauryn because of her aesthetic and lifestyle (like if you want to learn about being a totally healthy, balanced, cool-girl there’s no one better), after then listening to TSC podcast quite some time ago, I found out she was a major bas-ass businesswoman. While I love her recommendations, I really pay attention to her entire brand for inspo as an entrepreneur. I definitely connect with the fact that her and her husband Michael are both entrepreneurs, as that’s also life at my house. I’m always so in awe of everything she’s done and continues to accomplish.


While I’ve interviewed a lot of Bravolebs and that’s my brand, I’d have to say having Lauryn on the blog is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve done at BBH. I love a badass business woman who keeps it real and fashionable, and that defines Lauryn. Plus, look out for the blog series I’ll be doing on The Skinny Confidential. The first post is my story of being a mom and an entrepreneur. The next two are dedicated to the Real Housewives I think has the best style and Housewives looks for less, and you’ll definitely want to look for those.


And here she is …the women I admire so much that I can’t even hate that she got the cooler spelling of our name…Lauryn.



Hello to the Big Blonde Hair community! I’m Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, the creator of The Skinny Confidential.


I’m so excited to be here today because I’m such a big fan of this site. It’s my go-to whenever I see an outfit on a Real Housewife that I just have to have ( looking at you Dorit ). 


Lauren & I are doing a blog swap so she’ll be on The Skinny Confidential sharing the story of how she built Big Blonde Hair WHILE being a mom. She’s such a hustler & her story is so inspiring so be sure to check it out. And check back in the coming weeks because she’s going to share the top looks from Dorit ( my favorite Housewife ) & how to score some Housewife outfits for less. 


Anyway, I wanted to share my top 5 Amazon clothing picks with you guys. These are things that are absolute staples in my wardrobe & I couldn’t live without them. Hope you love!


The Skinny Confidential’s Go-To Amazon Clothing Picks:


Oversized Jean Jacket:

Everyone on the planet needs a good oversized jean jacket, but you don’t need to spend a million bucks on one. This one can be rocked off the shoulder with a white tank, or you could wear it over a mini dress to keep you warm. It’s super fun to roll up & bunch the sleeves to make your look extra casual too. 


This one will not disappoint, I promise. It’s $44, looks expensive & is distressed in all the right ways. Here’s the best thing though: if you aren’t into denim, it comes in lavender, black, light pink, red, & light blue. Confession: I have the lavender, black & denim. I tend to go for a large because I like things really big, but it’s oversized already. 


HOT TIP: Don’t put this in the washing machine because it’ll shrink. Get it dry cleaned once in a while. It’s not something that needs to be washed after every wear anyways.


Classic White T-shirt:

A bunch of girlfriends in my Pilates class one day started talking about this amazing white t-shirt from Amazon that they all own. They said it’s like the James Perse tees, looks super $$$ & hugs you in all the right places. But it’s only $17.86 !! It comes in white, black, olive, purple, gray, blue & more. I like to buy a few every couple months because I wear them literally. every. single. day. 

You can wear these tees with anything, but typically I wear mine with jeans, sweatpants or even with leggings to do Pilates in. They’re kinda thin, cotton, comfy AF & really hold up after being laundered. 

It’s important to note that you should wear deodorant with these ones because they’re so thin. Especially if you get the gray, you’ll want to avoid sweat marks. 


Black Fuzzy Slippers:

These affordable Amazon slippers were inspired by The Row’s $3000 ones. LOL. For those who don’t know it’s Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s line. Anyway, I really wanted a house slipper to wear around the house, but ones that wouldn’t break the bank. 

These are flattering on the foot ( yes that’s a thing ) & I love how you don’t really know if they’re for inside or outside. They’re versatile, ya know?

They’re by Ugg & again, I must confess, I do have a pair I wear outside too. These slippers look so cute with black skinny jeans & an oversized sweater- so perfect for running out the door to do errands. I have them in black, but they come in lavender, yellow & other colors too. They maintain their fuzziness & are perfect for the girl on the go. Who needs to waste time doing up laces?


Pink Hoodie:

Normally I’m all about a black or white hoodie, but lately I’ve been into this pink one. It’s plush, thick, oversized ( I usually go for a large or x-large ), keeps you warm & cozy but is also good for the Instagram aesthetic, LOL. 

Again, I tend to go oversized, which is why I like men’s hoodies. They just fit better. Trust me on this. You could totally pair this with the jean jacket above on colder days too. If you’re gonna grab this get it in cream & black too because it really is the best one I’ve found. It’s only $20 & actually makes such a good gift.


Black Bodysuit:

As you can probably tell, I like the classics. Plain, simple basics are easy go-tos to throw on & lately I’ve been all about this tight, black bodysuit. It comes in a long sleeve & sleeveless option, sucks you in, accentuates & flatters all the right spots & can be dressed up or down. 

I like to wear this with jeans, a skirt or sweatpants ( oversized please ). You can also pair this with a vest, chic leather jacket or, you guessed it…the jean jacket above. 

It’s chic, black, timeless & can be worn to literally any event, meeting or date you have. I always wear mine for a sexy night out with my husband. I got a medium in this- it is stretchy, but I recommend sizing up. There’s no need to spend $300+ on a bodysuit when you have this option available to you. 


There you have it. Those are my 5 go-to Amazon clothing essentials that I truly could not live without. I hope they’re all Big Blonde Hair community approved?!


Thank you so much to this community for having me & be sure to stalk Lauren’s entrepreneurship journey on The Skinny Confidential & stay tuned for other 2 posts on Housewives fashion.



Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, creator of The Skinny Confidential





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