It’s 2021 and BTS is making changes. During a performance of their new song, Dynamite, BTS’ Jungkook revealed his new blonde hair! When we saw the photos on Instagram, we quickly went to watch the performance and the images are true. Unlike the others in BTS, Jungkook rarely dyes his hair. But he has been blonde before and even a  strawberry blonde/red shade. But this hue might be our favorite. It’s not ashy or brassy—it’s the perfect honey blonde with dark roots that make it feel ultra-fresh and modern.

BTS fans are losing it over the hair change and yes, that includes us. Some are even thinking this means he’s going to release his first solo EP. “Currently freaking out, jungkook dyeing his hair blonde out of nowhere and wouldn’t answer why and now his apple music page picture was updated….. all the sirens in my head are going off screaming JJK1 IS COMING,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Jungkook blonde

Naver TV screenshot.

Jungkook himself actually spoke out about the big change. “ARMYs who cheer for us, and all people who exist on this Earth, I hope you have a happy, and bright year in 2021 that shines like the color of my hair. You did a great job in 2020,” he said.

Some super sleuths even think the EP will be titled “Golden” because 2021 is the Year of the (golden) Ox and his hair is now the shade of gold. We believe it.

Jungkook is currently trending on Twitter and if your timeline is anything like ours, you’re seeing his golden hair about a million times. “His Apple Music profile photo changed. The hair color changed. That’s literally all I’ve seen about it and the timeline is in shambles lol,” wrote one fan.

For now, we don’t know if there’s a secret reason for the hair change but we’ll be on JJK1 lookout.

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