For days, Chrissy Teigen’s 34.4 million Instagram followers have been watching her go through a hair transformation with colorist Tracey Cunningham. We watched treatments and highlights waiting to see what the final color would be. And now, Teigen has revealed her pink hair that isn’t a wig this time—and we’re obsessed. We’re not sure exactly what it’s for, since she was in full glam, but we’re hoping it’s just for fun and she’ll keep it around.

Teigen has been wanting to switch up her hair lately and started by playing with wigs first. They are a great way to test a style or color before making a major change that’s not easily changed back. That being said, pink hair is actually pretty noncommital since it fades fast. What’s most important is the base, making sure it’s a light enough hue with the right undertones for the look you’re going for. That’s where Cunningham comes in.

chrissy teigen

Teigen started out as an icy blonde but quickly moved on to this warm color. It’s so pretty, she wondered if they should just stop there.

chrissy teigen

Next came more highlights with Redken color and some Olaplex treatments for keeping her hair strong and healthy.

Chrissy Teigen hair

The finished product? A stunning pastel pink. Hairstylist Irinel de León gave her this pretty updo and Kristine Studden was responsible for makeup. We love the way her glossy pink lips match her new hair. The color truly brightens up her entire face. And from experience, we can tell you, pink hair is a major mood booster. That’s why so many celebrities tried the shade during lockdown.

chrissy teigen

STYLECASTER reached out to Cunningham to learn more about his ultra-fun color and how maybe we can get a similar look at home. Check back here for more details.

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