Christie Brinkley is Living Her Best Life at 66 – And You Can, Too

As we progress through our lives, birthdays often become
something that we regard with apathy and indifference or worse yet, dread.

But, if we are lucky enough, these mile markers will
continue to come around each year…so, why not find a way to celebrate our age
rather than shame it?

Christie Brinkley, 66, is the perfect role model for not
only embracing our age but celebrating it with joy and gratitude.

Looking Back

Perhaps you’ve heard the advice to never look back in life
and always forage ahead, looking towards the future.

While this advice certainly has it merits, there is
something to be said for occasionally looking back on all that we have
accomplished, endured, and overcome in the past year.

Which is exactly what Christie Brinkley did as she happily began her 66th year. Proving that life is full of surprises, Brinkley kicked off her 66th birthday on February 2nd by popping out of cake, captioning an Instagram post with, “I never would have guessed that I would start my 66th year of life popping out of a cake! But that’s EXACTLY what I did as Guest Ringmaster in NYC’s own Circus!”

Her Instagram caption continued on to share highlights from
her past year, saying, “In fact my whole past year has been filled with so many
incredible milestones! From reprising my role as Roxie Hart on Broadway! And
headlining the show in Las Vegas! I went [on] Dancing with the Stars and
foxtrotted over to ABC’s hit show The Goldberg’s season premiere where I
reprised my role as The Girl in the red Ferrari from the classic hit film Vacation!
I harvested grapes from the Bellissima vineyard in Italy and watched my
children’s careers and passions blossom! 🎂.”

While we may not all be able to enjoy such lavish
experiences in our own lives, Brinkley’s caption serves as the perfect reminder
that looking back on the special moments and experiences from the past year can
be extremely fulfilling and joy-inducing.

Looking Forward 

Just as looking back can help foster gratitude, looking
forward is equally important!

Reminding ourselves that life is full of surprises and
remaining open to all of the possibilities that life presents to us is one of
the best ways to live each year to the fullest.

Not one to only look backwards, Brinkley closed out her
birthday Instagram post by saying,
“I can’t wait to see what exciting #milestonesofme await for 2020! With age
comes wisdom and confidence which I find to be liberating! I also know I feel
my best when I look as good as I feel.”

With each passing year, as Brinkley aptly points out, we’re
each given the gift of growing wiser, more experienced, and hopefully, getting
to know ourselves just a little bit better. Rather than focusing on the numeric
value of our age or an additional gray hair or wrinkle, why not focus on the
lessons learned, the smiles shared, and the wisdom we’ve acquired?

Let’s all take a cue from Brinkley and how she celebrates
her birthdays with equal amounts of gratitude for the past and excitement for
the future, embracing each passing year with open arms.

Furthermore, Brinkley’s daughter, Alexa Rae Joel, 34,
admires the way that her “ageless, tireless, dauntless Golden Supermom”
approaches not only her birthdays, but life in general, commenting, “…I’m in
awe of how my mother jumps headfirst into life without pause. She’s not afraid
to put herself in a position where she may even be — dare I say — ‘laughed at’
by the cold cynics of the world. Anything you’re terrified of tackling?
Anything that scares the bloody daylights out of you? I guarantee you: If Mom
hasn’t already tried it, she’ll be first in line to do so.”

We applaud your zest for birthdays – and life – and wish you
the Happiest of Birthdays, Christie! Thanks for being a superb role model for
us all!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have any
birthday traditions that help to make your birthday special? If you were to
look back on your past year of life, what milestones stand out the most? Share
your thoughts and comments below!