Comfort Zone at 60

Our outlook on life and our beliefs can change as we age. Agendas get altered and things that were once so important may now seem silly or trivial. In fact, you may sink into a hole of not caring much about anything and find you are not taking care of yourself like you should.

Life brings about so much change – with our significant others, children, careers, and so on – that we get worn down. We lose our self-worth and neglect our health and dreams.

If you have found yourself in this position, I offer the following ideas to help you change your direction and get back into the game of becoming your most confident self.

Appearance: Be Your Own Person

Often, we are too critical of our looks and can even give up on trying to look our best. As a result, we start feeling invisible to the world around us. Being at ease in our own skin and feeling our best gets us in our comfort zone.

I would encourage you to consider your needs and wants and stop fidgeting about what others may think of you. Design the person you want to be. You have all kinds of options!

Begin by giving yourself a signature look.

Perhaps you want to stand out for wearing a specific color. Organize your closet where it’s easy to match your outfits by having only the colors or styles that give you self-confidence.

If you are a hat or scarf person, don’t just collect these accessories – wear them. Maybe you love jewelry and if so, wear it to please yourself.

Perhaps you have a bohemian spirit that can emerge by doing something a little outrageous. It may be as small as a toe ring or as big as a tattoo. The point is, you are doing something that gives you confidence and pleasure.

Whatever you do, it is for your benefit. No one else’s. Take time to think how you feel about yourself and how get a boost in self-confidence by letting your internal spirit come through.

Social and Alone Time: Enjoy Both

You may feel uncertain about how much time you want to spend alone as you age. Many of you may enjoy solitude that helps you to do fulfilling things such as reading, gardening, cooking, or crafting. But you may also need more in your social life to help you feel more connected.

If so, join groups that explore your interests. For example, if you enjoy reading, join a book club. By spending time with people of the same interest, you will enjoy yourself while learning new and different ways of thinking.

Your alone time can be very beneficial, but prolonged isolation is not helpful or healthy. Find a balance that gives you the right self-nourishment.

Physical Wellbeing: Be Your Best

Self-care can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. Age leads to loss of muscle mass and many other physiological changes, so choosing a healthy lifestyle is vital.

Work on your flexibility and core. These two areas of physical exercise will help you with posture and give you better stability and balance. Learn and practice exercises to keep you strong and confident: walking, sitting, getting up from a seated position or off the floor.

Learn about nutrition and what is best for you at your age, size and lifestyle. Physical wellbeing is of utmost important and will be your best friend when you need it most. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and move your body.

Why Bother? It’s All About You!

Having a quality life gives more joy. Improve and renew your spirit daily. Remember, you are the only one who can give you the gift of self-care.

How are you creating your future comfort zone? What things make you feel comfortable in your skin? Are there any tips you would like to share with the community? Please do so in the comments below.