Dorit Kemsley’s Black Blouse with Gold Buttons

Season 10 Episode 5 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

Dorit Kemsley said that when doing business the reputation you have is whatever was last said about you. Well Dorit certainly knows how to take care of business in her black blouse with gold buttons, and let that be the last thing said about her, well until tonight’s episode actually airs.

As for her new restaurant business venture, I’m intrigued to see what she does with the design of her Buca di Beppo room. We all know she can put together some lewks (even if it does take multiple hours of glam and photo shoots) so we can assume that this gift will only translate into commercial interiors. Plus, if it’s anything like the inside of her closet, the inside of this restaurant will be looking extra fab AF.


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Dorit Kemsley's Black Blouse

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