Fashion After 50: Sparkle and Save by Reusing the Same Items in Creative Ways

Great style has nothing to do with age. It’s possible to enjoy style and fashion no matter how old you are. Sometimes, though, women who reach a “certain age” think that there’s little point in dressing up anymore. We might think, “Who would stop and bother to notice an older woman’s ensemble?”

But it’s time that we fought back against feeling invisible. And clothes are the easiest way to let your personality shine.

When it comes to fashion for older women, how do we keep clothes versatile enough to be used differently each time?

Join us in discussion with fashion blogger, Jodie Filogomo, who shares some style secrets on looking good with what you already have in your closet.

One Dress, 4 Different Styles

A simple dress can hold the key to unlocking your fashion creativity at any age. For Jodie, dresses have so much potential.

She says, “I know, a lot of times we think, ‘Well, you can only wear a dress as a dress,’ and it’s not very versatile.” But on a cruise trip with her mom and stepmom, the three of them each brought a dress and were able to use it four different ways!

Aside from wearing a dress simply as such, you can change it up by putting on a cardigan or a jacket over it. So that’s two! Or you can take a top and wear it over your dress so it ends up looking like a skirt. You can also show only the top portion of the dress and wear it as a blouse tucked inside a different skirt.

The point is, your dress doesn’t always have to show all the way – you can take a shift dress and use it as a blouse or a skirt with other pieces.

Change It Up with Color

We know that fashion after 50 involves investing in plain staples. Indeed, it’s an important and useful tip regardless of your age. But how do you keep your clothes from looking too plain with black and white ensembles dominating your wardrobe?

Jodie shares that one key way is to incorporate color in your everyday getup. In fact, she says, you can wear the same black and white combo but with different toppers, accessories, or shoes.

For Jodie, it’s all about choosing a focal point. Similar to decorating a space, when styling your outfit, there should be a strong focal point that can attract the eye. Be it a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, or chunky earrings, the possibilities are just as many as the accessories you have in your wardrobe.

And for an unexpected look? Wear a cool beret to draw attention up to your face!

Fashion is boundless… and fashion for mature women does not have to be limited to plain, uninspiring clothes. While we’re not saying that you should run to a boutique to buy yourself some crop tops and torn jeans, there’s something empowering about keeping yourself stylish at 50, 60, 70, and beyond.

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