Dorit Kemsley’s Camo Leggings on Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2020 Instagram Fashion

Dorit Kemsley’s camo leggings on Instagram are soooo cute. They lived up to their print because I didn’t even realize that they had palm trees in them! Beach camo is totally my kind of camo.

I wear workout leggings almost exclusively. When I’m not writing for BBH for my job watching Lauren’s boys I usually have to be able to play any given sport at the drop of a dime. So it’s nice to have workout leggings that are stylish yet practical. Usually I just stick to the basic black, but now I’m thinking I need a camo print pair—Nobody would even “see it” coming!


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Dorit Kemsley's Camo Leggings

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Photo Credit: @doritkemsley

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