As a single woman over 60, I am keenly aware that it’s often tough to feel confident. I sometimes feel like I have to put on my boxing gloves to get out there and stay relevant. After all, we live in a world that equates beauty and talent with youth.

Unfortunately, as we age, it’s easy to buy into that narrative. But I am here to tell you that believing youth is the key to beauty erodes our confidence – and confidence it hot! Confidence is youthful! Confidence is sexy!

So here are 5 ways to improve that confident feeling.


Smiling is the first thing you can do. That’s it, just smile. Look happy. Look like you are enjoying your life. Look like you are important to the world. Look like you know a huge secret, not like you are exhausted.

Let’s face it, as our faces age, those lines can make us look a little cranky before our feet even hit the ground as we get out of bed.

So, unless you are consciously working on having a happy expression, you might look cross, and who wants to engage with that? A happy expression is the fountain of youth. And, if you don’t feel like smiling, smile anyway.

Move with a Purpose

Someone who is moving with purpose is going somewhere, right? That woman is part of the world and part of life – and is important. That is a woman who has vitality.

So, who would you rather spend time with, the woman who drags herself down the sidewalk or the woman who wants to get where she is going? Make your steps have a purpose.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Let me ask you this: what makes you feel better: an outfit that you are tugging on all night or one that makes you feel like you look your best? This isn’t about weight, or how much you spend, or what’s in fashion this season.

This is about meeting yourself where ever you are and wearing clothing to match. If you need a bigger size, get it. If your heels are too high and you can’t walk in them, chuck them. You aren’t looking and feeling your best by wearing them – even if that’s what the stylish magazines want you to think.

Have Joy

Joy is the ultimate confidence builder. When you are feeling joyous, you are exuding confidence with every step you take. Your joy is infectious, and, naturally, it makes others want to be around you. It makes you fun.

Not feeling joyful? You can fake it if you want to, but a better strategy would be to simply find something that lifts up your spirits. It could be the sunny weather or a song you love. Or it could be a favorite face that smiles at you from a family photo.

Stay Relevant

Know what’s going on around you. Be interested in the world. Be active every day. Confidence comes from being able to hold your own in any group situation.

So, don’t be afraid to enter a room. Simply smile, take a deep breath, and go for it.

How do you build and maintain your confidence after 60? What strategies have worked for you? Do you count on personal style to make you more confident? Please share your advice with our community!