Dorit Kemsley’s Cream Waffle Blanket on Instagram

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I am living for Dorit Kemsley’s cream waffle blanket. We all know our girl Dorit loves a good photoshoot and my favorites are those with Jagger and Phoenix. I don’t even care that the picnic is staged, I’m all about it. Summertime picnics are the best and Dorit levels hers up with artisan food and luxe blankets. You’re not going to catch me slippin’ on my picnic game anymore, only the finest from here on out.

Dorit’s waffle (organic, obvi) cotton blanket is usually something you’d find on a bed but a grassy knoll works, too.  I need my own, immediately. I probably wouldn’t use it outside though because its a high-quality aka expensive blanket. The price is totally worth it for my haven (bed). Waffle weave blankets are classic and timeless. The breathable weave pattern coupled with a luxurious organic cotton is not only light enough for summer nights but warm enough to layer in the winter. I’m going to need one in every color!

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Dorit Kemsley's Cream Waffle Blanket on Instagram


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Photo + Info: @DoritKemsley

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