Lose Weight After 60

In a past article, I discussed six mindsets you have to overcome when trying to lose weight, and keep it off, in your 60s.

The comments by women in the Sixty and Me community showed a great interest in the vision, goal, and action pointers. However, they were particularly interested in the very specific actions that could be taken.

One woman summarized the challenge beautifully. She said, “I falter with the action. Vision, got it. Goal, got it! Action, I can’t get moving! How do I get motivated to get off the couch? Vision and Goal are not motivating me enough.”

As I mentioned in the article, vision without action will get you nowhere fast. This is where the hard work begins. The first step is the hardest, but once you have made the first step, the journey will be a smooth one. So here are the 5 action steps you can take.

Be Prepared

This is such a simple one but most often over looked. If you skip this step, you will fail in the rest. So what does being prepared mean?

Being prepared can be something simple like knowing the night before what you are going to have for breakfast the following day. I know I can often be at a loss in the kitchen in the morning. I waste time wondering what I am going to have for breakfast.

Sometimes it is then too easy to make up a bowl of cornflakes. But I know that by morning tea I will be ravenous and can easily opt for a muffin instead of something healthier.

Now I am more organised. Sometimes it is a boiled egg with which I may have boiled the night before. It takes no time at all to shell a cooled egg. Then, you just cut up and sprinkle with sea salt and serve over a rocket salad. Boom job done in less time than making a bowl of cereal and certainly more fulfilling.

Invest in Proper Exercise Gear

I am not suggesting here that you have to go out and buy up a whole new wardrobe of sleek exercise gear. I do suggest that you have least to have one pair of exercise trousers and a sports top. These tops are so much more comfortable on the breasts without the jiggling. It is also very important to have a pair of comfortable trainers. When it comes to the style of clothes you purchase, be sure to read the next point.

Put That Beautiful Exercise Gear On!

Statistics have shown that you are more likely to go for a walk or exercise routine if you already have the attire on. No one likes to have to change into new clothes. There is so much more variety these days when it comes to the style, design, colour and shape of workout wear. You can still look stylish on the office lunch walks, or when you are out for coffee with friends.

Also, never put your walking shoes in the back of your wardrobe. Have them handy at the back door as a constant reminder of why you bought them in the first place. Even if guilt gets you moving, it is a start in the right direction.

Team Up with a Buddy or Two

Working with a buddy is best way to motivate yourself to exercise. You are more likely to keep to an exercise routine if you work side by side with a like-minded partner. Better still it is a good idea to have more than two people on your team. Then, if one cancels you will have a fall back.

When I started my exercise routine, I buddied up with some wonderful friends. We were all busy women and knew we needed to get in shape and lose weight. This was not time to dither, we had work to do and deadlines to meet. With this in mind, we did not want to be waiting by the roadside for someone to turn up and thus created the 5-minute rule.

The 5-minute rule simply states that we would meet at, say, 7am for a run. If anyone of us were not there by 7.05 the run would begin. No one would be held up. If someone could not make it for whatever reason they did not feel that they were letting anyone down.

As buddies we were brutal. If the reason was not good enough to miss a session, we let the person know. We all agreed that we needed to motivate and be motivated by each other. This rule worked very well for us.

Have Healthy Food Stocked

It is important to not fall into the trap of “treating” yourself after a walk. You may be burning up the calories and feel that you deserve a treat. However, you may be undoing all the goodness that you are trying to achieve.

I try to have a green Smoothie made up for me to drink after my runs. The quick energy from the spinach and apples mixed with protein is my favourite. A green smoothie is a great adjunct to any exercise plan. Here I share my favourite green Smoothie recipes that have proven very popular with all my clients.

Do you have any actionable exercise tips you would like to share? What have you done to lose weight after 60? I would love to read your ideas in the comments below.