Dorit Kemsley’s Versace Outfit on Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2020 Instagram Fashion

In a follow up to her head to toe Gucci basketball outfit, yesterday Dorit Kemsley took to the ‘Gram looking very Versace for a mini photoshoot with her mini me’s. Who were, of course, also decked out in the designer.

At this point part of Dorit’s personal brand is being known for wearing designer names. And while it may be too much for some, it’s the type of content we need right now with the Housewives summer hiatus. I say Dorit should keep ’em coming! Especially when a 4 hour glam sesh won’t make you late for anything because there ain’t nowhere to go.


Sincerely Stylish,


Dorit Kemsley's Versace Outfit

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Photo Credit: @doritkemsley

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