Dream Now – Travel Later Insights to Switzerland Tourism’s Timely Campaign

Amidst the recent pandemic, Switzerland Tourism came out with а video that portrays stunning views of Switzerland; somber music that ends in hopeful swells. Meanwhile, the captions fade in and out like passing time:

Dream now – travel later.
Stay safe – stay home.
Just for a while.
But let us inspire you.
To welcome you back soon.

Switzerland Tourism does an
excellent job acknowledging the pandemic without adding to the concerns. They
are filling the world with hope by encouraging people to “Dream now – travel later.”

“Just for a while” let Switzerland
inspire you. Whether you’ve been there before or have yet to go, take a moment
to relax and imagine yourself visiting one (if not all) of the top 10 must-see
Switzerland destinations:

Lake Geneva

Until you’ve been here, you’ll
never truly understand that yes, the water is as blue and as clear as it looks
in the pictures. Switzerland’s Alps and glaciers source 90% of Europe’s lowland
water so the water you see in Switzerland is fresh and straight from the
glaciers and mountains themselves.

The vibrant, invigorating
turquoise color comes from the minerals from those mountains and their long
journey from the mountain tops to the lake and river basins.


Though heavily populated, Zurich
operates like clockwork. If you want to experience the city life in
Switzerland, you will relish Zurich. It is filled to the brim with delightful activities.
There are shops –
commercial and small business – everywhere.

When you go, do an online search for the train station (Bahnhof) farmer’s markets. They are a delight to attend! A walk across the bridges or river boat cruises are invigorating. Take time to just be in and explore the city. Museums are abundant and the free Zurich city walking tour is a treat.


If you travel for history and
culture, Bern is an excellent place to go. Switzerland has a unique government,
and though Bern is not the capital of Switzerland, it is the de facto location
of the government making it the “federal city.”

Bern is listed as the homeplace of
Swiss government but is not officially labeled as the capital to avoid
politically elevating Bern above any other location in Switzerland.

Bern is home to many museums: the
Einstein Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Communication, and Museum
of Fine Arts. They all house fascinating exhibits and thought provoking

When you visit Bern, be sure to
stop by the intricate and massive Zytglogge and experience the show the
astronomical calendar clock built back in 1530 has to present.

Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is located next to
Lake Lucerne. Over a 48% grade and a ride of 30 minutes, you’ll reach the top
of Mount Pilatus via the steepest cogwheel train in the world.

The view is incredible and
exhilarating rumor has it that you can see Germany on a clear day. I hope you
get to experience that treat.


The Jungfraujoch is a train
experience that will take you to “The Top of Europe.” The top is chilly, so
don’t forget to layer up and bring a jacket. When at the top, you can enjoy the
views that give you a glimpse of France and Germany!

Not only that, there is a glacier
cave which has what I like to call a mini museum of ice carvings. It is
wonderfully enchanting – if your god/grandchild was there, they would probably ask when
Elsa would show up!

Jungfrau Region

Also known as Heaven on Earth and
the inspiration behind J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rivendell’s Middle Earth, Jungfrau
region is transcendental in terms of Earth’s beauty. If you’re inclined to take
a day hike in Switzerland, this is the best place to do so. I highly recommend these five hikes.


Matterhorn, the iconic peak, is
located in the car-free town of Zermatt, Switzerland. The Matterhorn feels
unrealistically “larger than life” in Zermatt and getting up early to watch the
sun warm the everchanging weather that surrounds the mountain face is worth the
lost sleep.

During the day, you’ll certainly
have time to ride the Gornergratbahn (train) up to the panoramic lookout point
where you can see the Matterhorn with its surrounding, impressive peaks. A
visit to this town will be dreamy and unforgettable.

Engadine Region and
St. Moriz

St. Moritz has been the host of
the winter Olympics twice – in 1928 and 1948. The Engadine region is home to the Swiss
National Park and the Cavaglia Glacier Gardens where bowls of rocks have been
carved out by running glacier waters.

The region is exquisite and “less
traveled by.” If
you want a blend of luxurious Swiss offerings and the ability to get outside,
the Engadine region is for you.


Located in the Italian speaking
region of Switzerland, the Ticino region is home to wonderful people and
incredible gelatos. If you want to experience the luxuries of Switzerland with
the prolific food influences of Italy, the canton of Ticino is a perfect
destination for you.

On an Alpenwild Discover Swiss Cuisine Italian
you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy lake cruises, make polenta on a grotto, and visit vintage wineries and
more – it
is one of the best ways to truly experience the people, culture, and region.

Chillon Castle

Montreux is located in the French speaking
regions of Switzerland and is packed with iconic landmarks like the Chillion
castle, the Freddy Murphy statue, and Lac Leman.

If you fly into Geneva, you’ll
enjoy the west side of Lac Leman where incredible sites like the Jet d’Eau
(fountain) and the European United Nations headquarters lie.

Switzerland is a relatively small
country but the 3,000+ miles of rail lines and over 40,000 miles of hiking
trails make these travel gems accessible. I’ve only listed the “Top 10,” but
there are so many more –castles, cathedrals, and highlights – that I could not possibly mention.

Regardless of where you go in
Switzerland, imagine how you will feel as you walk around in Heaven on Earth
where the streets and all facilities are impeccably clean and safe, where
drivers and people are courteous, and the trains are always on time.

Just thinking of it makes me feel
slightly immortal – it
actually feels that way. The people themselves are the kindest, take Sixty and
Me’s matron, Margaret, for example. She is an exemplary Swiss woman and
Switzerland is filled with more people as wonderful as she is!

Take advantage of this time in quarantine, put some light into your day and plan your next big trip. Switzerland Tourism says “Dream Now – Travel Later” at Alpenwild, we say “Dream Big – The Alps Await You.”

Where do you want to go for your next vacation when it is safe to travel again? What places will you visit there? Please share in the comments below!