I saw a meme on Facebook last week with the following instruction: “Think of one thing that makes you happy and smile.”

Not, “think of something that makes you happy and makes you smile,” but “think of something that makes you happy… and then, smile!”

Good reminder. Think of all the happies in life, then take the time to smile about them.

Here are nine Smile Makers from my past week.

A Phone Call from a 7-Year-Old

My grandson called to say he learned to ride his bike. I had helped him one day, so I knew his struggle. He was so excited, and he called me because he knew I would be delighted for his success. SMILES!

My Grandkids Are Connected

I reminded him that he had taken the advice of his older (by two years) cousin: “Work on riding your scooter and then you’ll ride the bike easily.” Seven-year-old tried it and it worked. And, of course, I called the nine-year-old to tell him his advice was taken, and it had worked. SMILES!

An Unexpected Gift

Last week, at a food pantry I volunteer for, one of the regular guests told me her mother had just passed. She was using up the yarn her mother had left, making mementos for family members. Later, she returned and brought me two hand-crocheted dishcloths. SMILES!

Using What I Am Good at

A recent request to help in a tight spot came from a past client. I don’t do much team-building with small businesses these days, but this is a past and loyal client. My skills were valued, and they had a need. And it paid pretty well, to boot. SMILES!

Rewarding a Job Well Done

We had a pretty big job that needed to be done at our new home site. Several people said they’d take the ancient mobile home away, but… None came through. Until William came along.

He brought his whole family, and they worked hard and did a complete job. I pitched in from my personal stash of ‘mad money’ to reward them beyond the agreed amount. I am SOOO happy to have that mobile home gone! SMILES!

The Love of a Daughter and Her Dad

The fishing stories from my son and his daughter make me smile. They make me remember my own daughter and her early morning coffee and horse chores with her dad.

When I anticipated her taking care of the horses while her dad was out of town, she laughed (think junior high days). “I don’t like the horses… I just like hanging out with Pop!” SMILES!

Building a Relationship with Someone Different than Me

I just received an invitation from a Mexican friend to attend her ceremony of citizenship. (I learned a lot about American History helping her study for her interview.) I was able to get a Congolese friend of mine an interview for a job that will take her a step closer to her goals.

I have coffee scheduled with a young male pastor. Yesterday, I had a two-hour lunch with a long-time friend who is my age – actually, she’s older, but she doesn’t like for me to mention that. Diversity. Meaningful relationships. SMILES!

Inspiring Change

I was told a story about two sisters discussing my book, Which Old Woman Will You Be? A fine sisterly argument was stirred.

One sister was excited about designing her BEST ThirdThird and was finding ideas for ways she might change her thinking and her approach to aging. Her sister said, “You can’t change. Who you are is who you are.”

I’ve had people tell me, “I am who I am and I’m not changing.” That is often a very true statement. But, saying you can’t change is different than saying you won’t.

Sister #2 called sister #1 back with a whole new attitude after reading some of my book. “I can change! I do have options!” was her new opinion.

She is now inspired to approach her life with a new outlook. And, she is enthusiastic enough that I am scheduled to visit her reading club in a few months as she has them all reading my book. SMILES!

A Glass of Wine in the Setting Sun

This past week, my husband and I had a glass of wine at our River Home (it is still under construction). Other evenings, it might be at my turquoise table in our front yard as neighbors walk by or join us.

Maybe soon it will be in front of a small fire to ward off the coming nip in the air. A quiet, slowing down at sunset makes me SMILE. Always.

What makes you smile? Do you have a habit of thinking of things that make you happy? Share with us your happy and smiling thoughts.