Everything You Need to Know About Eyeliners for the Mature Woman

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of e-mails from ladies wondering whether they should still be using eyeliner as they get older. Well, it’s completely up to you.

The reason I continue wearing eyeliner is that the definition in my eyes has faded as I’ve aged, and I want to put some of it back where it belongs.

One thing that’s changed though is that I don’t put on the flick anymore because my eyes have aged differently, and the flick makes that more obvious.

So, let me walk you through the different types of eyeliner and how to use them to your advantage.

Types of Eyeliners and Application Techniques

There are several different types of eyeliners on the market. Whichever one you choose, make sure to apply it before mascara.

Pencil Liners

The classic pencil liner has come a long way since it was first introduced. It’s one of the easiest liners to apply and comes in lots of shades which is a nice benefit. Nowadays though, I use the hybrid Gel Pencil Liner, which is really easy to apply as it practically glides on the lid without the need to tug or pull on my eyes.

One thing you need to remember when using a gel pencil liner is to sharpen it before every use. Not only will this give you a sharpened point to work with, but it also helps keep the pencil hygienic.

To apply pencil liner, hold a high magnification mirror slightly under your chin. This position gives you a nice angle to work from without pulling or tugging on your eyes. Take your pencil and hold it horizontally, then use feathery strokes to apply the liner along the base of your top lashes.

Don’t take the liner right to the end of your lashes as you did when you were younger. Now that you have some years on you, your eyes have likely drooped, and taking the pencil further out will emphasize that, making you look sad or tired.

Instead, just stop slightly short of the end of your lashes for an uplifting look. If you want to soften the line you can using your finger, a cotton bud, or a soft brush.

If you like some definition underneath your eye, you can use the liner there as well. To do that, hold the mirror in front of you, and, holding the pencil vertically, run it softly along the base of your bottom lashes.

Felt-Tip Pen Liners

Felt-tip liners are great if you want to accomplish a very thin line. They give you more definition, but they don’t come in many shades. If you’re going for impact, you can use the felt-tip liner on top of the pencil.

To apply this type of liner, you can use your bathroom mirror. Tilt your head back so that you are looking up your nostrils. Hold the pen horizontally and tap the tip along the base of your top lashes. Using this technique makes the eye lashes look fuller.

Note: A felt tip liner looks too harsh on the lower lashes.

Liquid Liners

Liquid liners (along with pencils) used to be the classic commercial liners. They come with a fine brush applicator and though they don’t offer a large variety of colours, liquid liners give the most definition.

Before applying a liquid liner, make sure you have all the excess off the brush – otherwise you can get a big blob, and it will put you off of liners altogether.

Using a mirror on the wall, hold the brush horizontally and tap the tip of the liner along the base of your lashes. The technique is the same as that used with the felt-tip liners. Liquid liners give great definition because the color is a lot denser and makes the eye lashes look fuller.

Gel Liners

Gel liners are great because you can use them as both eye liner and eyeshadow. They come in a pot, though you need to supply your own brush, and they offer a good selection of colours.

For the application you can use either mirror method described above. I prefer a thicker brush because I want a fuller line. You can smudge the line if you want to soften the look. Because the effect of gel liners is quite strong, I wouldn’t recommend them for the lower lashes.

Powder Eye Shadow Liners

Finally, one of my favourite choices is using powder eye shadow as eyeliner. This is a great way to match your liner to your shadow as you can use any colour or type of shadow.

To apply powder eye shadow as eyeliner I use an angled brush. Dip the brush in a tiny bit of water or liquid solution then go into the very corner of the shadow container. Don’t go right in the middle of the powder in case you want to use it as shadow again.

Using the mirror method you prefer, edge the brush along the base of you top lashes, stopping before you reach the end of the lid.

With this type of liner I can go along the base of my lower lashes as well as it gives a lovely pop of colour.

To finish your eyes, use mascara and enjoy your good looks!

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Are you afraid to use eyeliner now that you have advanced in age? Which type of liner is your favorite? Which one is easiest for you to apply? Please share your comments and questions below!