As more candles are added to your birthday cake each year, you may start to accumulate more and more retired trinkets in your treasure chest. Women maturing into older age tend to shy away from the style they have built over the years and see trends as something they can no longer keep up with.

In today’s video, Margaret invites the lovely Susan “Honey” Good, a devoted advocate for the empowerment of women over 50, for a lovely talk about the ways women can bring back a bit of punch into their style through accessories.

Mix the Old with the New

We all have that favorite piece of jewelry from our twenties that was a part of our signature style. Most likely, it now lies in the bottom of our jewelry box, waiting to see the light of day. It is often difficult to part with pieces that hold so many of our memories. A good tip is to restructure old accessories into new pieces.

Transform a charm bracelet into a layered necklace. Turn a pair of dangling earrings into interesting brooches or add them as an accessory to a bag or dress. Tie old scarves to your bags and hats or use them on your hair.

Experiment with a Different Style

Why not try out your daughter’s accessories? With permission, you can raid her closet for pieces to borrow, or you can ask a close friend to visit the flea market with you. Loved ones who travel often may bring home unique gifts such as beaded bags and patterned fabrics. Be bold and try on accessories that you would not usually choose for yourself – you may be surprised at how well they go with something you already have!

Change It Up for a Morning and Evening Look

Accessories add versatility to an outfit. In the morning, you could be wearing pearls and sandals with a shift dress. Come evening, you can transition into a glamorous look by exchanging them for gemstone earrings and a shiny pair of pumps.

Travel with Your Collection

While you can only stuff a few pieces of clothing inside your suitcase when traveling, accessories such as belts, scarves, jewelry, and stockings can easily fit inside nooks and crannies. You can bring as much as you can to mix and match and keep your outfits interesting each day of your trip.

You can also take advantage of the different weather or climate to wear daring and over-the-top accessories that may look out of place at home. Blend in with the locals and show appreciation for their culture by exploring the local fair.

Combine Style and Function

Do not listen when people say that accessories are only for the frivolous. Accessories can become an extension of our personality while still providing utility. Take prescription glasses, for example. They are affordable and you can buy them in as many styles as you want. Miniature purses attached to belts are handy when you are running errands around town. Accessories can truly do wonders for women like ourselves, so don’t be afraid to experiment, and most of all, wear them with pride.

What is your favorite piece of accessory? Do you still buy accessories on a whim or do you keep a curated collection? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!