Fashion for Women Over 60 The Secret of Using Unique Fashion Accessories

“I don’t have anything to wear”. We’ve all said it. As women who care about being stylish and attractive, we love to constantly reinvent our style and create a new looks for special occasions. But, who has the time, or money for that matter, to buy a new outfit for every occasion? Certainly not me. That’s why I have come to love the art of accessorizing.

Accessorizing is One of the Keys to Fashion for Women Over 60

Over the years, I have found that one of the secrets to looking stylish in any situation is to add elements to my existing wardrobe that make me sparkle. When you accessorize the clothes that you already have you accomplish two things. First, you get to wear something that you are already totally comfortable in. Second, you are able to pull out your style in subtle and intriguing ways.

Let Your Accessories Redefine “Sexy”

Wearing a basic outfit that fits perfectly allows us to generate enough energy and confidence to make our “invisibility cloak” dissolve. Adding an accessory that represents our deepest passions creates confidence. And, confidence is sexy. Of course, there are visual rules to matching colors and patterns. More important, however, to the overall impression that you create is how well your outfit matches your personality and energy.

A beautiful accessory makes you more seductive, in the best possible sense. The right accessory can be a conversation starter.

Trust me; no one will remember that you’ve worn the same black dress to the last 5 events you’ve attended. But, they will remember your shimmering Indian scarf, handcrafted crystal necklace, shiny metallic handbag or purple vintage hat.

Build on the Basics

Even women that love fashion and enjoy shopping for different clothes recognize the benefits of building on a basic wardrobe. Most fashion experts that I have spoken with recommend that women of any age to start with a few high-quality basic clothes in black, gray or brown. These classic items become the canvas that you cover with beautiful scarves, pins, jackets, hats and belts.

This article by the Daily Mail describes the basics that they feel every woman should have. They emphasize quality over quantity. The key message I loved was:

“Your wardrobe should contain only amazing choices – it is much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces than when you see 25 pieces and 20 of those are unremarkable.”

Their list includes, of course, a little black dress, a classic white shirt, one cashmere or beautiful sweater. These form the foundation of your wardrobe and are essential to fashion for women over 60.

Your Personal Style Should be… Well, Personal

The secret to creating your personal fashion style is to make it just that – personal. Build your style around who you are, what you love and how you live. It’s time to take off your invisibility cloak and part of this process involved removing the clothes from your wardrobe that hide your personality.

If you want to sparkle, go ahead. If you want to wear tight jeans, why not? If you prefer boxy clothes or nothing but black – go ahead! Fashion in our 60s is about confirming who we are, not conforming with what the world wants us to be.

I love this quote from Nina Garcia’s book, The Little Black Book of Style, “Choose accessories as you would friends, seeking out the ones that complement you, make you feel confident, and stick by you through ups and downs, men, and extra pounds”. The art of accessorizing makes shopping a fun adventure. Every accessory that you find that represents your inner-values is a new friend that will help you navigate in the world with a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eyes.

What 3 items in your wardrobe do you love the most? Do you have a favorite accessory? What is the story behind how you found it? What do you think are the most important elements of fashion for women over 60? Leave your comments below to inspire other women.