Garcelle Beauvais’ Green Ribbed Keyhole Bodysuit

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Fashion

I truly think bodysuits are the key to life—And that goes for Garcelle Beauvais’ green ribbed keyhole bodysuit (pun intended)! They are just so easy to throw on and not worry about anything un-tucking or something not fitting right. I think when I put on a top and want to tuck it I spend about 7 minutes in front of the mirror just trying to get it to look just right, but with bodysuits there is none of that. Which actually works out in my favor because I am always late and could use that 7 minutes for something else. Then I could be all ready and out the door in no time or just in my kitchen talking about RHOBH, like I am now and like Garcelle will be on tonights “episode”!


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Garcelle Beauvais' Green Ribbed Keyhole Bodysuit

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