Garcelle Beauvais’ Metallic Puffer Coat

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Episode 4 Fashion

When the drama isn’t heating Garcelle Beauvais up, her metallic puffer coat is. Now I know the only coats we are currently concerned about are the ones on our summer manis and pedis. But when the hot sun isn’t heating us up we will need a coat (and a hot latte) to do so. So it never hurts to be a little prepared, right? Especially when it’s a shiny and chic metallic coat like this one. Even though it’s no longer in stock everything is still chill because we have Style Stealers below to get your freshly manicured hands on.


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Garcelle Beauvais' Metallic Puffer Coat

Her Metallic Puffer Coat is Sold Out at Zara

Photo Credit: @crystalkungminkoff

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