Has your hair seen better days? No one wants dry hair and tons of split ends. If you’re experiencing some breakage or can’t seem to get your frizzy locks to do absolutely anything, then maybe it’s time to shell out for a hair mask to give yourself some extra moisture. We aren’t talking about just any hair mask though.

You should check out one of the best biotin repairing hair masks on Amazon. Biotin is a B vitamin that helps your body break down fat and carbohydrates. It’s an important supplement when it comes to hair health. It’s a must-have if you suffer from a lot of breakage or worry about thinning hair. Shampoo and conditioner are obviously influential on your hair. And if your shampoo and conditioner is drying out your hair, you should def swap those out for more hydrating products, but hair masks can result in quick fixes if you need a solution ASAP or just want to add a member to your team.

We rounded up three biotin-packed masks that’ll give the lustrous hair that you’ve been wishing for. Two of our picks even contain collagen, which might also give your hair some added strength. These masks sit on your hair for 5-10 minutes and then you can go about your day. They’re extremely low maintenance and just add a few minutes onto your shower time.

Check out our picks below.