Some time ago I wrote about the slippery slide to being overwhelmed when dealing with the world wide web. This time I would like to talk about the benefits as I see them, of using the web to promote your business.

Many of us start a part-time business, sometimes becoming entrepreneurs for the first time, when we reach our 60s. If you come from the corporate world, even if you worked in marketing, suddenly being faced with marketing yourself can be daunting.

There are so many people out there trying to market themselves, and the competition is fierce. Then add to the confusion the fact that every second person is trying to market their suggestion as to how you should do it!

Remember, Rome Was Not Built in a Day

Three years after opening my doors as a retirement coach, I am finally gaining some traction. I tried all the suggestions. Things like writing a book, giving webinars, and offering free coaching sessions.

I tried developing an online course and worked at having a great LinkedIn profile. I built a following on Pinterest as well as Facebook. Now, in my third year, the tide is slowly starting to turn.

Yes, it has taken me many hours to climb this exponential learning curve. When I started out, people told me it would take time, and I didn’t want to listen. I was already 61 and in a hurry. I didn’t want to finally achieve a steady stream of clients at 75!

Golden Nuggets I Have Accumulated

The most salient learning points that I have taken out of all this are:

  • You need to put yourself out there as the expert in your field.
  • You must build a following and talk to them regularly.
  • By giving your following a constant flow of valuable information they will come to trust you.
  • It helps to have an ‘accountability buddy’ who is walking the journey with you.

These days, everything happens over the Internet, and we all know how that can be twisted and manipulated by social media. This is why it takes more time to build the trust online than it does face to face over a cup of coffee.

Have Confidence in Yourself and Your Expertise

Part of my problem was that I was afraid of starting a newsletter. I lacked the confidence that people might enjoy receiving information via email from me on a regular basis!

I had written a book right at the beginning, but because I was green behind the ears, I made mistakes and sales have not gone as I hoped.

Thus, I developed this limiting belief that people wouldn’t want to hear from me. It was watching Margaret’s regular vlogs arrive in my inbox and then offering to blog on her site, that helped me see that it was possible!

At the start of 2018, I finally made the resolution to send out a fortnightly blog. I sent the first one to a short list of people, mainly friends, but it gradually developed into a wonderful space for dialogue.

The lesson I take from this is: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Each week, I get a couple more subscribers and my list is growing.

Have Someone Walk Alongside You

Having an accountability buddy is a wonderful way of moving yourself forward, as well as having someone alongside you who understands what you are going through.

Most of my friends think I am talking a foreign language when I talk about opt-ins, landing pages, funnels, and the like. However, my accountability buddy and I speak the same jargon, and she is on a parallel path with me, so we keep each other motivated.

Learn from Your Mistakes

These days, you simply cannot market yourself or your business without the assistance of the web. There are plenty services out there who can do it for you for a price, but they do not have that same inner passion for your ‘baby’.

You simply have to have confidence in yourself and be prepared to learn from your mistakes! And remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Have you tried to launch a new business in your 60s? What is holding you back from being an entrepreneur? Please share your fears and how you overcome them. We can all learn from each other!