SixtyandMe Survey

Sixty and Me has been providing online content to women over 60 for almost 10 years and revolves around you, our amazing community. Our content appears on a number of channels including our website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It is important to us that we are catering to what you want, and now is your chance to have your say! 

Our brilliant team of regular contributors and guest writers have written thousands of articles on a whole range of topics, from fashion to food, health to hobbies, relationships to retirement, adding wonderful perspectives as experts in areas of interest to women who are aging beautifully! But what else do you want to see? 

What Do You Want To See?

Are there topics you wished we covered in more detail? What about topics we have never covered but you would love to read about? Perhaps fashion is your thing and you want more articles on the latest trends or advice on where to buy the best quality clothes. 

If makeup is your passion do you want to see more tutorials from professional makeup artists. Or perhaps you want more unbiased product reviews from Margaret, testing out the latest foundation or eyeshadow. 

For many of you, fashion and beauty may not be your hobby. But what is? And should we be covering it? 

Do we need to provide more articles on tackling retirement? What about advice from your SixtyandMe sisters who have been there already so you don’t make the same mistakes. Our newest Aging category is full of informative guides on key topics that answer some of the most important questions – would you like to see more of these on different topics?  

On the flip side, are there topics we cover that you really don’t enjoy reading? Perhaps we cover one topic in too much detail for your liking and wish we covered other topics in the same detail. Whether your feedback is good, bad or indifferent we would love to know. 

Take The Survey

If you have ten minutes spare, we would be very grateful if you could help us shape the future of SixtyandMe by completing the survey below. It is anonymous, quick and easy to answer, and will make a big impact on ensuring the Sixty and Me community is what you want it to be. 

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Thank you for helping us continue to shape and grow this wonderful community!