When it comes to eyeshadows, flesh-toned eyeshadow is the most important shadow to own. It can do just about anything. This skin tone shadow can serve as a base, so you can layer more vibrant eyeshadows on top of it. Or, if you like a more natural look, you might just swipe some nude eyeshadow on and add a little contour before walking out the door. Nude eyeshadow is essential for that “barely there” makeup look that’s so in right now.

You can buy neutral eyeshadow in a single palette or buy a nude palette. They both have their positives and negatives. If you know that you’re going to use a bronze eyeshadow every single day and never ever touch the cream or black eyeshadow, you might want to commit to a single shade. But if you enjoy experimenting and using multiple nude shades to create your look everyday, you should definitely get a palette. 

We scoured the Internet for the best neutral eyeshadows. Our picks include both single shadows and palettes. There are palettes that have both matte and shimmery shades, for the days that you just want to blend in and for the days you want a little extra sparkle. These nude eyeshadows are long-lasting and will stay on your eyelids from morning till night. You might find that these nude eyeshadows have starring roles in your makeup routine.