We’re used to seeing models switch up their look on and off the runway, but Bella Hadid’s gray hair was a big surprise for fans this week. In a light break from the news, Hadid and influencer Lauren Perez (who we’re going to assume she’s physical distancing with) took to TikTok to play around with some of the new trends. She’s doing what a lot of us are doing during this time if we’re lucky enough to be home and safe: powering up the TikTok and maybe even learning a dance or two.

While acting out a TikTok video, it looked a lot like Hadid and Perez dyed their hair the same gray color with a blue ombré twist. But, as Glamour notes, it’s actually a new secret filter not a lot of people know about yet. In fact, it’s so hard to get that there’s a YouTube tutorial that shows how to change your hair into a bunch of cool different colors.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

So, if you see a celebrity on TikTok with a big hair transformation, there’s a good chance, it’s this filter.

You can go green, blue, purple and even one called “red, white and blue.” It’s under “effects” and it seems that’s how Hadid got her ombré gray hair. Celebrities are letting their gray roots grow in during this time but that’s obviously not what’s happening here. If Hadid did dye her hair a trendy gray shade, it looks like she can totally pull it off. But not at home. Let’s wait until salons open back up to make major hair changes.