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Shaping our
eyebrows can be a tough beauty challenge as we grow older. Thanks to the wide
range of makeup brands today, we can work through several issues we may have
with our brows when we hit our 60s, such as hair color change and sparseness or
thinning hair.

One of our top eyebrow makeup goals is avoiding the shocked or surprised look due to improperly arched brows. Professional makeup artist Ariane Poole says that this is a common problem that can be easily corrected if we remember and apply her insights and tips.

Our Eyebrows Are More Like Sisters than Twins

Today’s eyebrow
madness has a lot to do with how self-conscious we are about how our eyebrows
are arched or how our eyebrow makeup looks.

But despite the latest
trends, we have to remember that people are more than their eyebrows. There’s
also no such thing as identical eyebrows.

Both sides of our
face are not symmetrical, so we shouldn’t expect our eyebrows to be identical
either. However, we can try and create some level of symmetry with the help of

Mannerisms, Botox Contribute to Raised Eyebrow Effect

Women who have had
a Botox brow lift may not be able to avoid that stunned look on their faces
because the treatment naturally elevates the height of their eyebrows.

If we don’t want
people to focus on our eyebrows, what we can do is to identify and avoid our facial
mannerisms that can draw others’ attention toward them, like the way we widen
our eyes when we look up or get angry.

OK to Pluck Stray Hairs at “Pointy Peaks”

Ariane agrees with
beauty advisers who say that plucking from the top of your brow is perfectly
fine if it means taking the one or two wayward hairs, particularly in parts
where they produce a “pointy peak” in the arch of our brow.

Move the Arch’s Peak Away from the Iris

The highest point
of the arch of our eyebrows would have been directly above our iris during our
younger days. But as we grow older, we must move the peak to the outer side of
the iris, approaching the tail of the brow.

There’s an “eyelift”
effect that happens when we move the peak away from the center and etch our eyebrow
pencil or mascara toward our temple when we reach the
tail of our brow instead of etching it downward toward the outer edge of our

Relocating the peak
of our eyebrow arch and creating a “straight tail” at the end of our brow adds
youth to our face.

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What are your personal makeup strategies for
keeping eyebrows and eyes looking fully awake and youthful? Do you have any
grooming habits that make your eyebrows look thick even if they are actually
thinning? Please share your
thoughts with the community in the comments section below!