How Compression Socks Can (Fashionably) Improve Your Life After 50

We get it – no one wants to be
told that they should wear compression stockings. Traditionally, medical
compression socks have been thick, yellow-toned and uncomfortable. But, that’s
not the case anymore!

Compression sock manufacturers have made huge strides over the last decade in quality and style. They’ve released tons of new styles, fabrics and patterns that feel great and will match any outfit.

Plus, these socks and stockings
are packed with real, scientifically-backed health benefits – so why are we
fighting them? Wearing compression socks can reduce aches and pains in your
legs, improve circulation, prevent swelling and varicose veins and decrease
recovery time after exercise. 

Exactly Are Compression Stockings? 

Compression socks are specially knit knee-high socks that apply graduated pressure to the ankle and leg to improve circulation in your legs. The pressure is greatest at the ankle and decreases up the leg.

Compression thigh highs, pantyhose
and leggings work the same way, but have compression that goes all the way up
to the thigh.

Do I Need Them?

Our venous system is working very
hard to move blood from our heart to our toes and back to our heart again. Some
days, we’re moving around enough that our leg muscles flex and act as pumps to
help push the blood back up our legs.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are not
moving around as much as we should be. Sitting or standing for long periods of
time causes blood to pool in our ankles. And, as we age, our circulatory system
tends to need more help and support. That’s where compression stockings can
give you that extra boost in circulation!

Are the Possible Medical Benefits? What Can These Socks Do for Me?

Not only can compression socks improve our comfort, but, they may also have medical benefits. Of course, each person’s body is unique, so, it makes sense to check with your doctor regarding the possible benefits of compression socks for you.

That said, here are a few
of the potential benefits:

  • Enhance circulation which energizes legs and reduces the feeling of heaviness 
  • Prevent swelling in the ankle and calves
  • Treat and prevent spider and varicose veins
  • Improve athletic performance – whether you’re walking, golfing or on the tennis court
  • Reduce muscle soreness after physical activities 

Do I Choose a Compression Level?

If you haven’t worn compression
before, we suggest starting off with a 15-20 mmHg level sock. This is the
standard level for travel, as well as for anyone who sits or stands for a
majority of the day.

There are stronger compression
levels, but we suggest speaking with a doctor before trying those.

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Do I Pick a Compression Sock Size?

Most compression socks and
stockings are sized by measurement of your ankle, calf and leg length. This
might seem like a pain, but using measurements ensures that you’re getting
exactly the right amount of pressure on your leg.

You will find some socks that are
sized by shoe size – which is much easier to select – but you might not find
the fit as comfortable.

Get Down to Fashion. What Fabrics and Styles Are Available?

Nearly everything you can imagine! You really just have to think through how you’ll be wearing them. If you usually wear sheer stockings, there are many options available to you in nearly every skin tone under the sun.

If you’re more of a standard black sock fan – you can get those in cotton, wool, microfiber or more. If you’re planning to go for a jog, there are sporty socks with padded soles that will go great with all of your sneakers. And, if you want some pattern in your life – there are tons of options available from argyle to stripes to sheer floral!

There are even options with an open toe, which means you can wear your open toe shoes and flip flops while still supporting your legs!

Manning’s Take

“I’ve had challenges with
circulation issues for many years. Varicose veins, spider veins and occasional
tingling have all become my new ‘normal.’ In addition, after sitting at my desk
for hours, I often experienced that ‘kneedles and pins’ sensation.

Wearing Brightlife Direct’s compression socks made all the difference. I started with the 15-20 mmHg level sock and found it very comfortable and unobtrusive. I tried the Allegro Essential Sheer Support Knee Highs with Open Toe in Nude. Not only did it slide on easily but at the end of the day, my legs felt energized and relaxed. The open toe made them so very comfortable and they helped enormously with my swollen ankles!

I find it amazing that
such a small addition to my wardrobe could make so much difference. Plus, they
look surprisingly good!”

Have you ever tried compression
socks? What was your experience? What do you think that the main benefits are
for women our age of wearing compression socks? Let’s have a chat!

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