It seems the longer I stay home (for good reason, BTW), the more I question why I ever considered myself an introvert. Staying in can be fun, but when you’re forced to do it? Not so much. With that being said, I don’t know if learning how to do the TikTok “Don’t Rush” challenge—and really, anything on TikTok—will make social distancing easier or harder. Either way, I’m impressed and damn, I wanna go out, like, right now!

The viral challenge, soundtracked by Young T & Bugsey’s “Don’t Rush,” is the literal version of the classic “all dressed up with nowhere to go” saying. The entire thing is hilariously ironic because the final product is meant to give off the illusion that someone is ready to go out in a matter of seconds, which literally never happens, at least in my friends’ circle. But ultimately, the goal is for you and/or your tribe to flex your makeup skills, wardrobe or whatever else is on hiatus as we endure this new normal.

As with any TikTok challenge, there’s already a gargantuan amount of “Don’t Rush” videos that will either leave you very impressed or secretly thinking you can do better. Personally, it just made me miss my girls—ugh.

Literally obsessed with the adorable “mummy & me” edition:

And of course, I’m living for anyone flaunting multiple hairdos:

Here’s how you can execute your very own “Don’t Rush” transformation alone or with friends. Start with your “at-home” look, whatever that may be—a robe, sweats, headscarf, matching PJ’s. There is no wrong answer here. Strike a couple poses and then use a makeup brush to cover your phone camera and end the first part. (It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to use a makeup brush. Anything that will cover up the screen works just fine.)

Next, get into your “going out” look, off-camera obviously. You can focus on your face with a makeup beat or a full head-to-toe moment. Once you’re ready, hit record again and start with the makeup brush (or another object) covering the camera to create that continuing shot effect. Pull back, put down the brush and strike some poses in your new look.

If you’re collaborating with a friend or two, end the shot by tossing your brush off-camera to signal passing it onto the next person. If it’s just you, simply stop recording and voila, you can piece each part together and share the finished product.

Alternatively, you don’t even have to focus on makeup or fashion. There are plenty of other ways to “not rush” and spotlight some other part of your life, whether it’s your occupation, an at-home project, or my personal favorite—a delicious meal before and after it’s complete.


More food challenges, please!