How to Highlight and Enhance Grey Hair

Have you seen the thousands of women who have decided to let
their hair go grey naturally? In addition to women announcing their beautiful
maturity by letting their grey hair show, many other women have chosen to stop
coloring their hair and let it all “hang out.”

Margaret Manning speaks to celebrity stylist and stylist to
the Royal Family in the UK, Denise
, about what we can do that will allow our grey hair to be it’s most

“Your hair is affected by everything that happens in your
body,” Denise says,” And what previously used to work might not work for you

In the same way that the face cream you might have started
using in your thirties just isn’t cutting it in your sixties, your styling
products and even your hairbrush might not be working for you and your gorgeous
grey hair.

The Best Advice for All Hair Types and Colors

Staying healthy in general is the best way to keep your hair
beautiful as well. The blood supply to the scalp is super important, which
means exercise. Think of exercise as a workout for your hair!

If you have your doubts about exercise and hair, Denise
suggests that you look at the very back of someone’s head, near the bottom of
the neckline. This hair is always dark, shiny, and the last hair anyone loses.
Why? Because of our continual “exercise” when we move our neck and head, that
portion of the hair always gets a good supply of blood.

Massaging your scalp is one of the best ways to improve your
hair, Denise says.

Anytime you are sitting and watching television or listening
to an audio book, or anytime your hands are free, Denise suggests that you
massage your scalp. You don’t have to scrub, just gently rub your fingers on
your scalp and get the blood flowing to improve your hair.

Women get facials and massages for their bodies, why not
give your hair a massage as well? The benefits are enormous.

is in Denise’s Shower

Margaret asks Denise what hair products are in her shower. Joico
is one of the brands that was highly recommended, especially the blonde
shampoos since they bring out the highlights in grey or white hair.

Denise also recommends not using any product that is too
heavy, which is why she uses sulphate free shampoos. “They feel strange, as if
you didn’t wash your hair, but you did.” Denise says.

Dry shampoos are also terrific for all hair types and
colors. Your hair doesn’t need a lot of cleansing, so dry shampoos will get you
the cleaning you need and the effortless styling you want.

Another suggestion is to comb your conditioner through your
hair before you rinse it. If you want to avoid the heavy, limp locks that
conditioner sometimes causes, she suggests rinsing your hair for an extra
minute or two.

Hair That Yellows

If you have grey or white hair that tends to turn yellow,
Denise suggests that this because mature hair picks up smoke and other contaminants
in the air, which causes it to turn yellow or pick up strange odors.

This is why Denise recommends shampoos designed for blonde
hair. These are designed to open up the shaft a bit and remove the dirt, dust,
odors, and contaminants that can ruin your beautiful mane.

Thoughts on Gorgeous Grey Hair

Both Margaret and Denise recommend other brands and styling products in this interview, including those blue or purple colored shampoos. You should definitely watch this interview since these ladies talk about everything from jewel toned clothing to makeup and everything in between!

What are your reasons for letting your hair go grey? What products do you use on your grey hair to keep it beautiful? What is stopping you from letting your hair go naturally grey? We want to hear your thoughts! Let’s have a conversation!