If you have dry skin — whether only occasionally or all the time — you’re probably aware of the difficulty of finding a foundation hydrating enough to avoid clingy to your dry patches and emphasizing the cracks and creases can be. Regardless of how many rich creams you layer underneath your base, by mid-day all of the cracks inevitably begin to peek through, leaving your skin feeling tight and dry and your foundation shamelessly settling into all of your dry patches.

Opting for a hydrating BB cream or tinted moisturizer is a safe bet for those with dry skin, but if you’re looking for more than just a subtle wash of coverage, these foundation formulas simply will not cut it. Fortunately, with the right foundation, you’ll be able to wave goodbye to the crustiness and flakes, without having to compromise on the level of coverage you’re looking for.

When opting for a hydrating foundation for dry skin, you’ll want to avoid anything emblazoned with “oil-controlling” or “matte” on the bottle. Instead, formulas that advertise “luminous finish” “dewy glow” and other related terms, are likely going to be less drying and a better choice. Scroll through to check out our favorite moisturizing foundations for dry skin.