Like the rest of my peers, I’m kind of obsessed with TikTok, especially beauty reviews and “What I Do In A Day In NYC” videos. A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through my For You Page, I came across Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab. I was fascinated by this video and knew I had to visit this magical beauty haven for myself.

In a nutshell, the Lip Lab is an IRL (though you can now book virtual appointments) experience that allows you to create your own custom lipstick — from the shade, packaging, and finish — but more on all of that that later. They currently have four different locations in the U.S.: Brooklyn, Soho, Irvine, and Las Vegas.

Of course, I wanted to document my experience visiting the Lip Lab to give you the low-down about everything you need to know about how to prepare for your visit and what to expect. Scroll through below check out my honest thoughts on the Lip Lab and find out how you can experience it for yourself.

Make A Reservation

Due to the popularity of the Lip Lab, a reservation is required in order to make your own lipstick. Reservations can be made online in advance for an in-person experience at the store or a virtual online session. 

I made my reservation approximately two weeks out to ensure that I would get the date and time slot I wanted, and I highly recommend you do the same because boy, it was busy.

My Experience

I decided to visit in person because I live close to the Soho location and, TBH, I wanted to be there to see the magic happen. I mean, we’re finally allowed to do things IRL, so I wasn’t going to miss out on the hands-on opportunity. 

STYLECASTER | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

When I walked in, I was instantly greeted by a lovely employee behind the counter who asked for the name on my reservation and the time it was scheduled for. After she checked me in, I waited for a few minutes by an extra countertop they had in the front of the store while they cleared up the station from the last visitors. On the wall behind the lab, there was an assortment of pigments set up in a beautiful, eye-catching array. So yes, the Lip Lab has endless photo ops for Instagram and TikTok

My designated Color Expert called me to the back of the store where I sat on a stool and I was walked through what the process would look like for creating my own lipstick. 

STYLECASTER | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

The first step of the process is deciding on what shade you want, and I already knew going into this I wanted a bright pink hue. When asked for inspiration, I told the makeup artist to think along the lines of Barbie and Disney princesses when trying to help her envision what I wanted. Of course, she also took into consideration my hair color, skin color, undertones, and eye color when creating the shade to make sure it was perfect for me.

Across the plexiglass, there were probably around 50 little containers of pigments in a HUGE assortment of different colors. I was asked to select the type of finish I wanted (satin, luminous, sheer, and matte) and which fragrance (mango, vanilla, lime, and mint). 

Now, before you start panicking as I did about creating a lipstick with a fragrance, don’t worry. I am not one for scented makeup, but the fragrance ended up being very subtle. 

I decided to go with a matte finish and a lime fragrance. My Color Expert went to work mixing and matching colors together and let me try them in-between as she worked her magic. With each shade she created, she wrote down on a little dry-erase board the combination so when we found one that I loved, she could recreate it in a larger volume. 

It definitely took a few tries until I found the one. Don’t get me wrong, all of the hues she created were nuanced and beautiful, but when you get the chance to create your own lipstick, you want it to really speak to you. The shade I picked was a vibrant pink that had a very slight blue undertone. 

STYLECASTER | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

After it was all set, I gave my lipstick a name. Guess what it was? Casey. How original! 

My Color Expert microwaved the wax and then poured it into a mold where it hardened. While that was in progress, she engraved my name onto the lipstick tube at the top using a fancy machine they had in the front of the lab. I mean, how cool is that?

STYLECASTER | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

When it was all finished, my lipstick was handed to me in a little pink bag with the cutest lipstick-themed tissue paper (the detail and thought they put into the experience is incredible!). Of course, as every millennial knows, pics need to be taken or it didn’t happen, and let me tell you, Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab was made with Instagram in mind. They even had a ring light on hand to make sure you’re lighting is on point.

Overall Thoughts 

Overall, my experience at Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab was such an enjoyable one and I would definitely do it again. Even if you didn’t get to make your own lipstick, the photo ops are reason enough to pay the Lip Lab a visit. 

Now, the price point is a bit expensive at $60, but for what you get for that price it’s definitely worth the dent in your bank account. The Color Experts go above and beyond to make it an interactive experience and to make sure you’re happy with the color.

If you can’t make it to the Lip Lab in person, or simply can’t justify spending the $60, check out the shade Strawberry Froze below for a similar shade and finish to bespoke lipstick.

STYLECASTER | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Courtesy of Bite Beauty.

Bite Beauty Longwear Lip Stain

This budge-proof formula stays put all day, and, like my custom shade, is a hot pink hue with blue undertones. It’s a flattering shade on pretty much any skin toe.

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