Jennifer Lopez is the queen of bronde hair. She goes back and forth between light brown and light blonde, usually living somewhere in the middle. So I gasped when I saw J.Lo’s bright blonde hair on her hairstylist Chris Appleton’s Instagram. It’s the lightest we’ve ever seen from the star and much less bronde. Nope, this is blonde.

Appleton calls her hair “Bronx Barbie” probably because J.Lo is from the Bronx and this is some seriously Barbie-worthy hair. The color features her natural brown roots but with blonde blended seamlessly into them. The blonde gets even lighter as you go down her chest-length strands. It’s almost white-blonde in many places. It’s way lighter than her usual golden blonde highlights.

It’s not just the blonde color that gives this a Barbie vibe. It’s the volume. In case you missed it, the blowout is back and it’s J.Lo approved. No longer are stringy strands and poker-straight hair the look. It’s back to ’90s volume with full, curled under layers.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

We can’t talk about a Jennifer Lopez look without talking about the glam. Makeup artist Mary Phillips gave Lopez a cool-toned smoky eye, lined with black eyeliner and tons of lashes. There’s a good amount of contour here but what really stands out is the blush. She must have gotten the memo that blush is the biggest makeup product of the year.

Lopez’s lips are glossy and nude—her go-to look. It looks like there’s maybe a light brown lip liner blended into the nude, adding to the cool-toned vibe of the overall makeup. It’s so pretty on her. Phillips wrote, “hello summer glow” on Instagram and her client really is glowing. Of course, there seems to be a filter on the photo so it’s hard to see Lopez’s real skin. (We wish we could because we know it’s gorge.) But the overall result has us wanting to book a flight to Miami.

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