If you were first introduced to fragrance via a very pretty boxed set from Bath & Body Works complete with matching shower gel, body cream and body mist, raise your hand. To this day, body mist remains the beauty mascot of puberty. We all felt so cool spritzing on the watered-down perfume before school, after PE and soccer practice even though we were definitely over-applying (thanks for the heads up, mom). The good news is, we are now older, wiser and have a grasp on what scents suit us best. The even better news is body mists are making a comeback, so your inner ’90s teen can redeem itself (one spray in the morning, one touch up spritz — got it?). 

OK, so body mists never actually went away — they were on the shelves of Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret this whole time. You just thought you were too cool for fragrances that come in a plastic spray bottle. But here’s a newsflash for you: Body mists, when used correctly, are an excellent fragrance option, and even high-end designers like Vera Wang agree. So whether your signature scent is something sophisticated, seductive or light and fresh, we’ve narrowed down the best body mists to add to your rotation below.