Kandi Burruss’ Scarf Print Blouse on WWHL

Real Housewives of Atlanta 2020 Fashion

Normally we turn to our favorite reality TV stars for a bit of mindless entertainment, at least I know I do. I like to turn on Bravo and not think about anything else aside from which Real Housewife is causing drama and what are they wearing while doing so. With everything going on in the world currently it’s nice to see that when I tune in to see some of my fave celebs, like Kandi Burruss, they are addressing the reality of whats’ going on and it’s not entertainment—it’s educational.

Sure I still enjoy seeing what she’s wearing, like her scarf print blouse she has on here, but it’s not about changing our outfits to match right now. It’s about changing the world we live in. And in order to ignite change we have to ignite something with in ourselves to open our ears, mouths, and hearts.

I know each and everyday I try to educate myself more and more on racial injustices and inequality. Watching WWHL with Kandi I learned that it’s not just about educating ourselves as adults, but teaching the children as well. After all they are the future, and right now so are we. #BLM

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Kandi Burruss' Scarf Print Blouse on WWHL

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