Kristin Cavallari’s White and Blue Sweater in her Kitchen with Jay

Very Cavallari Season 3 Finale Fashion

Kristin Cavallari’s white and blue sweater on the opening scenes of last night’s Very Cavallari season 3 finale is one of my favorite pieces I’ve seen on the show all season, and that’s saying quite a lot. And while I dare to say I wasn’t totally obsessed with it when I saw it on Kristin while she was cutting fresh flowers in the kitchen (no shade because this is an actual first and perhaps I was also distracted by the skinned teddy bear Jay was wearing), when I saw it this morning on the model worn with black cutoffs I had my new go-to spring outfit.

And while I’m not so sure a version this cropped will be a fit with my post self-quarantine bod, thankfully it comes in a bit longer version that I have linked in the Style Stylers towards the end of the post, and will fit however things end up when this crazy, crazy time finally has it’s Season 1 finale.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Kristin Cavallaris Blue and White Sweater

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