Whether you were born with thin hair or are suffering from acute hair loss due to stress, the natural aging process, or a bad hair cut, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure for treating hair loss. While there are plenty of treatments, supplements, vitamins, and biotin-infused hair care products that can help promote hair growth, taking care of your scalp as opposed to your stands, is often times the best course of action to start with if you want to see results.

Our hair follicles (located at our roots) are the only “alive” parts of our hair, so in order to promote hair growth, it’s usually best to stimulate the scalp to address the root of the problem (pun intended) causing the thinning. Many studies have shown that spending approximately three to four minutes a day massaging the scalp can trigger better blood flow to the hair follicles, leading to improved hair growth.

Essentially, the applied pressure to the scalp enhances circulation, resulting in better absorption of oxygen levels. The increase of oxygen delivered to the hair follicles results in accelerated hair growth and even an improvement in texture over time. It should be noted that while scalp massaging is an effective and reliable way to speed up hair growth, it is a slow process, so don’t expect to see results immediately with this method.

The best way to massage the scalp is while you’re shampooing in the shower, but you can also massage it with dry hair. You can either message your scalp by hand or enlist in the help of one of these handy shampooing brushes and in-shower massagers. These shampoo brush hybrids are also an excellent way to not only harness the benefits of scalp massage, but also blast away product buildup, oil, and grime, all of which can inhibit hair growth by clogging the follicle. Read ahead to find out our top picks for speeding up hair growth while you shower.