If 2021 brought us one positive thing, it’s that when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, anything goes. This next year is about individuality more than ever. After all, 2020 is when we said goodbye to bras and hello to face masks and goodbye to hard pants and hello to sweatsuits. Who would have thought?! Tattoo and piercing trends for 2022 are just as unique. We’re all about customization this year, getting exactly what we’ve been dreaming about.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t look to our favorite celebrities for inspiration. You can take Kaia Gerber‘s snakebite piercing and add it to a conch like Keke Palmer. Or (and?) keep freeing the nipple this year with a piercing like Rihanna’s, Kristen Stewart and (allegedly) Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Celebrity piercings are a great place to find inspo but so is Instagram. We love following the top piercers across the country to see what innovative looks they create on regular people just like us. That’s why we chatted with Lisa Bubbers, co-founder and CMO of Studs, to find out what’s she’s loving right now. Save these looks for when you’re able to get in to see a professional piercer to show them exactly what you were thinking. This way, you’re more likely to love the finished product.

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“We consistently see people come into Studs for snakebite piercings, which are two piercings stacked closely together (like the mark of snake fangs),” says Bubbers. “You can create this look anywhere on the ear (the lobe, midi, helix, or even the conch) and you can use either the same jewelry in each hole or put different earrings to mix it up!”

Not only is this stacked piercing trend, seen on Kaia Gerber, so freaking cute, it’s also pretty practical. You see, many of us got our first ear piercing back in elementary school and maybe didn’t see the best of the best when it comes to professionals. (We’re looking at you, Claire’s.) Because of that, the placement of your hole might be in an awkward place. A snakebite piercing is an easy way to make that too-low hole look intentional. Just have your piercer place another hole right on top or below your original one.

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Not surprisingly, constellation piercings are just getting more and more popular. “A constellation piercing is a unique group of piercings up and in your ear (usually more than three) that, when connected, could form a shape similar to a constellation in the stars,” explains Bubbers. “This piercing style varies based on each individual’s ear anatomy, so they’re always in unique and interesting positions.”

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A conch piercing is placed in the center part of the ear and can be either an inner or outer conch style. While it might feel like everyone is getting a conch piercing, check with your piercer to make sure it’s right for you. “We’ve seen more and more people come into Studs requesting a conch piercing, so we definitely think this is a trend to keep an eye on for fall and winter,” says Bubbers. “The piercing is done on the inner part of your ear, so it’s a subtle but fun addition to any earscape especially with more decorative piercing jewelry.”

Where the hole goes can depend on the shape of your ear. These piercings also take a long time to heal, up to even nine months, so you’ll want to talk a lot about aftercare. If you do decide to take the plunge, both a stud and a tiny hoop look chic as hell. Unsurprisingly, Studs hawks a vast array of cute stud earrings. We especially love the new NYC-inspired ones ($20-$40 each at Studs). 

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Bermuda Triangle

“[It’s] a simple and dainty piercing trend, which features three piercings that make the shape of a triangle,” explains Bubbers. “And, if you have two lobe piercings, it’s easy to add the third piercing at the top as the point to create the look!”

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Stacked Lobe

This was a huge spring and summer trend and Bubbers doesn’t see it going away anytime soon. “Depending on how big of a lobe you have will determine the piercing patterns that you can make in the area — but there are so many options to make the stacked lobe unique to your ear and your style,” she explains.

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