As women
age, they start to notice that they lose pigment in their skin. This is why you
may notice that your skin tends to look a bit dull or sallow in your 50s and
60s. However, with the right makeup products, it’s easy to revive that gorgeous
youthful glow.

Celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole shares how blush and bronzer used together can combat tired and sallow-looking skin and add a beautiful glow and a pop of color to your complexion.

Using the Right Brushes

reminds us to be sure to use the right brushes to properly apply our product.
Women tend to use very large powder brushes for bronzer. This is not a good
idea. A large brush distributes bronzer all over the face and doesn’t allow for
any precision during application.

Instead of
the big brush, opt for a smaller blush brush or angled contour brush when
applying bronzer. This way, you have more control over where you put the

Applying Bronzer Like a Pro

Once you
have your smaller brush, swirl the brush into the product and tap off the
excess. Then, using the brush, apply bronzer around the sides of the face. Add
a little more bronzer onto your jawline to help accentuate the jaw.

framing the face, add some bronzer onto the accents of your face to create a
sun-kissed glow. Glide the brush across your cheeks, chin, forehead, and jaw.
Add a little more bronzer under your cheekbones for contour and definition.

forget to add some bronzer to your neck as well!

Applying Blush for a Pop of Color

After applying
bronzer, you have already created a gorgeous glow and revived tired and dull-looking
skin. However, bronzer is not enough to give your cheeks some color. For this, you
will need to use blush.

your favorite blush product and blush brush, apply blush to the apples of your
cheeks. This gives your cheeks a nice punch of color and highlights your

Bonus Tip – You Can Also Use Cream Bronzer!

If you
aren’t a fan of powdered products, you can opt for a cream variant. A good way
to use a cream bronzer is by mixing it with your primer or tinted foundation
before applying. Then you can use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply
all over your face.

you can also spread a dollop of cream bronzer on your hand and use your
foundation brush to work it into your forehead, jawline, and under your

it doesn’t matter what type of bronzer you use, just that you make sure to
include it in your makeup routine. The added glow and shimmer works wonders for
shaving off the years and combating the aging effect of too much matte makeup.

Do you love using bronzer and blush? Do you use
these two products together? What are your favorite bronzer and blush products?
Have any fun tips for the community? Share them in the comments below!