Any woman who has ever gone to the makeup counter will tell you that, when it comes to lipstick choices, today’s market is saturated with choices; semi-gloss, matte, super high gloss, twenty-four-hour lipstick, you name it!

With so many choices, how can you tell what is the right lipstick for older women?

Ariane Poole, professional makeup artist with her own line of makeup, offers us her advice and helps to sort out all the available lipsticks on the market today.

Lipstick and Makeup for the Mature Woman

Makeup should make you feel good. You don’t have to wear makeup everyday or if you only like to wear a minimal amount of makeup, that’s just fine.

For many women, lipstick is a staple they use almost daily, even if they only use a couple of makeup items. The choices available today can make choosing a lipstick difficult!

Matte Lipsticks

The hottest lipstick today are the matte lipsticks. While these used to have a reputation for being heavy, dull, cakey, and drying, they are more popular now than ever. How can something with an ugly reputation be so popular?

Ariane says that today’s new formulas are comfortable and look great. While matte will never be described as “hydrating,” the super lasting, intense color that these lipsticks offer is enough to make most women swear by them.

If you try a matte lipstick and you aren’t comfortable wearing it, then they aren’t for you.

The best matte lipstick for older women should never be beige or a color similar to your concealer. Go for reds, browns, and pink rose colors.

Layering Lipstick Colors

Mature women might find that layering their lipsticks works best for them. By applying a matte lipstick first, then using a semi-gloss on top in a similar color, not only gives you a unique lipstick color but it gives you the best of both worlds; the intense long-lasting color of a matte lipstick combined with the shine and hydration of a gloss or semi-gloss lipstick.

Margaret demonstrates her layered lipstick style in the video and if you haven’t seen it before, you must watch how this layering technique works, it’s really amazing!

A Word about Lip Liners

Lip liners is one of those things that works for some women but not others. Some women feel that lip liners are a bit harsh and that they work best for younger women. Others feel that lip liners help to define their lips, especially when using matte lipsticks.

Margaret mentions that if you have never used matte lipsticks before, you should know that once you put them on, the color really stays on, which is why many women use lip liners.

It’s All a Matter of Preference

Whether you choose to use a liquid lip color, a matte lipstick, or a glossy cream in a tube, use whatever color and style you feel your best in.

What is your favorite brand or color of lipstick? What is your preference when it comes to lipstick – Cream? Liquid? Sticks? What did you think of Margaret’s layering technique? Let’s talk lipstick, ladies! We want to hear your opinions!